13 Fishing Concept C 8.1 Baitcast Reel

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March 9, 2019

​So you’re probably in search for a faultless piece of fishing equipment? The 13 Fishing Concept C8.1 features an upgraded stainless steel gear shaft and Airfoil carbon side plate. It boasts a streamlined design that lets you wrap your hand around it with absolute ease, while maximizing comfort and control.


Getting Started With 13 Fishing Concept C 8.1 Baitcast Reel Review – Product Specifications

13 Fishing Concept C Baitcast Fishing Reel
  • 13 Fishing Concept C 8.1 9BB Aluminum Frame/Carbon Side Plates Reel
  • Model Name: 13 Fishing Concept C 8.1
  • Dealer’s Official Website: 13 Fishing
  • Description: 13 Fishing Concept C 8.1 Baitcast Reel Review
  • Item Model Number: C8.1
  • It is fitted with a four stainless steel ball bearing that is enhanced with an extra roller that makes it smooth and to operate.
  • Handle: Aluminum w/Concept Cork Knobs.
  • Side Plate Construction: Airfoil Carbon
  • Weight: 6.1 ounces
  • Max Drag: 22lb bulldog drag
  • Bearings: 4 Anti Corrosion+4 Stainless+1 A/R Clutch
  • Gear Ratio: 8.1:1 gear ratio


​The equipment encompasses exactly 9 bearings in total—that is; four anti-corrosion ball bearings, one Dead-stop anti reverse bearing, and the other four stainless steel ball bearings. The 13 Fishing C8.1 casting reel also comprises 13 fishing arrowhead line guides, along with six-way centrifugal braking system and Bulldog drag system of virtually 22-lb. Its six-way centrifugal braking system rounds out the highlights on its silver-pearl reel.

Details and Features


​Aesthetically, the equipment’s finish looks really sharp. It has a cool pearl white finish that’s very smooth. Its cork grips perfectly well and the silver accents located on its handle makes it look as though it costs a million bucks. In addition, the carbon side plate and aluminum frame makes it feel light, but completely solid. Let’s now focus on each and every feature in details.


It’s easy to find a heavy duty casting reel, but finding the one that can blend ergonomics and weightlessness can be a daunting experience. Whereas several tough reels tend to be bulky and tiring to utilize, the equipment’s casting reel is light and easy to fish with for several days.

Weighing just 6.7 ounces, it can be easy to use it for flipping and slipping. It eats up line rapidly and effectively, letting you get a huge bass out and away from the thick cover.

Bulldog Drag System

​The purported reel comprises a 22-pound bulldog system that won’t slip or discharge a line even when cinched down. It does not matter whether you stick a six-pounder in the thick brush pile or you accidentally set your hook on a “tree bass”—there’s absolutely no surrender in this particular drag system. This is a big bonus for shallow water anglers who fancy colossal hook sets.

Cast control clicker

13 fishing is put on a decent cast switch clicker assembly on its reels. This is imperative, because it makes fine alteration easier while allowing the angler to determine accurately how much they are adjusting their drag. This is a good thing, and I really think 13 fishing manufacturers got it.

The product’s handle assembly is likewise pretty much standard. While a number of folks think the drag-star is chromed plastic, they’re absolutely wrong because it’s a super-light aluminum.

Similar to various other reels on the contemporary market, 13 Fishing is manufactured in Korea. Therefore, any angler in search for a product that’s made in Japan, for example, might be disappointed. This is a naked truth, though. Contrary to the opinion of some few folks, it’s a Korean-made product but not a Japanese model.

Cork paddles

NThis reel is designed with an over-sized handle that provides essential support when fighting the big fish. If a bite surprises you, you can easily locate the handle without having to slip up or waste time. The compressed cork paddles on the reel’s handle are definitely impressive.

There’s also rubberized insert on its thumb bar, which is quite handy when it comes to holding your fish. If you’ve handled a fish or you are simply fishing in intemperate weather, it serves to eliminate all slipping—helping you engage the thumb bar with absolute ease and confidence.

Blue grease

When you open up the reel, you’ll be able to discern a certain blue substance. The purported substance is simply grease that was utilized to lubricate and bind the parts of the equipment. Many other reels lack “blue” grease, and the designers say it’s a special anti-corrosion.
Designers say this high spin lubricant is incorporated to mix with the grease and oil.

It’s meant to bring performance difference, in addition to increasing durability in an extremely harsh brackish water and saltwater condition. It means that anglers who choose 13 Fishing Concept will have their equipment lasting longer because the reel is lubed to the maximum.

Furthermore, when the reel is lubed appropriately, there’s no need for additional lubrication. A well-lubricated reel can be used in both salt and freshwater conditions. This because there’s the availability of grease that protects different parts of the reel in tough conditions, and the oil is utilized in order to allow the moving parts move flexibly without overdoing it.

13 Fishing 8:1:1 Gear Ratio 9BB Beetlewing Sideplate

​Currently the 13 Fishing Concept C 8.1 Baitcast Reel is offered in 4 models.  Concept A, Concept E, Concept C.  Click here to view all of the models


​13 Fishing Concept C 8.1 Baitcast Reel Functionality

  • ​It’s very smooth and is easy to hold
  • It’s strong and durable due to the blue grease utilized to bind the parts together
  • It’s well made
  • Build with high quality materials
  • Built with high quality performance in mind
  • Suitable for anglers from amateurs up to professional level
  • Streamlined, hence good motion in the ocean
  • Great handles and best paddles
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Different gear ratios allow the anglers to have multiple speeds


  • ​Poor line capacity
  • Its spool is not wide
  • Brass is weighty and erodes faster


In a nutshell; the 13 Fishing Concept C8.1 can be a fantastic pick for anglers who are in search for a lightweight reel that’s capable of throwing several baits at varied speeds. It’s the right product that supplies features that most anglers need. Although the reel encompasses some minor drawbacks in terms of line capacity, its impressive performance outweighs any limitations.

The 13 Fishing (aka Fishing 13) is indeed a great reel, and has all it takes to raise the bar. The features, weight, as well as the gear ratios are all elements that position this particular reel ahead above its competitors. Although it has managed to do extensive testing, even in saline settings, a number of anglers still shy away from it due to the fact that it is still a new player. Nevertheless, the firm is on a proper track and they’re eager to demonstrate that they can as well hang with the giant manufacturers. Let’s wait and see!   We hope you enjoyed our 13 Fishing Concept C 8.1 Baitcast Reel Review!

13 Fishing Concept C 8.1 Baitcast Reel

​13 Fishing Concept C 8.1 Baitcast Reel

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