Abu Garcia Revo Beast Reel

​Every experienced fisherman knows that catching fish is never a matter of luck and fortune, but a matter of skill and intuition, combined with high quality equipment and bait. This is why the Abu Garcia Company has designed this outstanding fishing reel, aiming to meet all your needs and expectations and to help you make the best of your fishing experience. Thus, the Revo Beast, may be the next big thing; the reel that every professional fisherman dreams to hold and use; it gives a new meaning to quality and durability.


Abu Garcia RVO3 Revo Beast Baitcast Reel
  • ​Abu Garcia Abu Garcia RVO3BEAST Revo Beast Reel
  • Model Name: Abu Garcia Revo Beast Reel
  • Dealer’s Official Website: Abu Garcia
  • Abu Garcia Revo Beast Reel Manual: Abu Garcia Revo Beast Reel Instruction Manual
  • Description: Abu Garcia Revo Beast Reel Review
  • Item Model Number: RVO3BEAST  
  • X-Cräftic™ alloy frame and sideplates for increased corrosion resistance.
    Titanium coated sideplates provide increased scratch resistance
  • Weight: 9.35 oz
  • Line Capacity: 12/180 Mono 30/180 Braid
  • Bearings: 8.
  • Gear Ratio: 7.1:1 gear ratio
  •  Where To Buy Abu Garcia Revo Beast Reel: The Abu Garcia Revo Beast Reel is available and you can order this here – Click Here To Buy the Abu Garcia Revo Beast Reel

Abu Garcia Revo Beast Reel Design

Why is it different?
As I have already said before, the Abu Garcia Revo Beast Baitcast Reel is hard to compare with any other types of reels, due to its outstanding features which basically place it among the most wanted fishing equipment articles. This reel itself is the definition of strength and power as all of its components turn it into an infallible fishing gear​.

Abu Garcia Revo Beast Reel Details and Features

  • Components

​Designed to be highly resistant, the Abu Garcia Revo Beast Baitcast Reel is made up of a X-Cräftic™ alloy frame with additional side plates which are to increase the reel’s corrosion resistance, it is also equipped with seven stainless steel HPCR™ bearings and an additional roller bearing which is also meant to protect against corrosion; also its side plates coated in a thick layer of titanium prevent it from any external damage such as scratch marks.

  • More Features

​Another spectacular feature consists of its Infini™ brake systemv which enables you to adjust you in any way so that it would be perfect for any type of use. Even more, the Carbon Matrix™ drag system allows its user to experience a smooth and consistent drag, thus making fishing a lot easier. Also the D2 Gear Design™ both supplies a more practical gear system but also improves the durability of the gear.

Abu Garcia RVO3 Revo Beast Baitcast Reel

Currently the Abu Garcia Revo Beast Reel is offered in Right and Left Handed Reels

The Abu Garcia Revo Beast Reel Pros: 

​Abu Garcia Revo Beast Reel Functionality

​Why buy it?

​It is only normal that you would want to think twice before buying the Abu Garcia Revo Beast Baitcast Reel or any other reel for that matter, as it is in our nature to want the best item and for that one needs to be informed. Thus, here are some of the most convincing reasons for which I am definitely buying the Abu Garcia Revo Beast Baitcast Reel.

1. Long life

​So, although you are a declared fan of fishing, you don’t have to struggle with inefficient equipment; the best fishermen know that the equipment needs to be as good as the fisherman himself. Thus among the Abu Garcia Revo Beast Baitcast Reel’s best selling points we must mention its durability and power. Just imagine how unpleasant it would be to make the catch of a lifetime, the biggest and strongest fish you have ever seen, being within your grasp, but before you manage to put your hands on it, snap! Your equipment fails. What is more, this kind of items can be quite expensive so it is advisable to invest your money in one which will have a long life.

2. Easy to handle 

​This is an essential feature for every skilled fisherman, as we all know that timing is basically everything. Again, let us go back to the image of you catching the most impressive fish you have ever seen; you know you have caught it, it pulls to free itself, you try to pull even harder; and while caught up in this struggle you can’t manage to find any of the handles; and so the fish might escape. Well, with the Abu Garcia Revo Beast Baitcast Reel there is no need for you to worry, as its handles are really big; trust me, you will definitely note the difference. Although at first sight it may appear to you as a totally unimpressive feature, after a few uses you will most certainly perceive it as a benefit, as it is essential especially when dealing with strong fish.

3. Offers strong drag

​As a fisherman, you face countless situations in which the reel has slipped and so what was supposed to be the best catch of the day managed to escape. Nevertheless, the Abu Garcia Revo Beast Baitcast Reel offers an incredibly strong drag, enabling you to successfully catch all sorts of fish regardless of their size. So, another clear advantage of using this reel is its truly spectacular drag system, which is able to face a maximum of about 22 pounds without the slightest slippage.

4. Incredibly easy to cast

​What is more, every fisherman can relate to how disturbing it is to adjust your reel every time the wind blows a little harder or a little slower; or every time it changes its blowing direction; in this case you end up wasting most of your time trying to adjust and toying around with the setting instead of enjoying a relaxing and challenging fishing day. The Abu Garcia Revo Beast Baitcast Reel was designed especially as a response to your needs; and it relieves you from all this constant time spent adjusting and adjusting, as it is really simple to cast; almost too good to be true. Even more it rids you of the constant tuning, of changing the jig weights and of every other boring adjustment; all it takes is a few casts and everything will be just perfect.

Abu Garcia Revo Beast Reel Review Concerns

Abu Garcia Revo Beast Reel Cons:

  • ​One disadvantage to the Abu Garcia Revo Beast Baitcast Reel, which is impossible to overlook and it refers to money; its price is rather high especially when compared to other similar products. So, you should be prepared to spend quite a few of your income, approximately $268-275, which is quite a lot of money to spend especially if you have a modest income.
  • The only other concern with some of the other reviews was that some people were not overally impressed with the number of bearings and could feel that in the smoothness of the spool rotation while reeling compared to some similarly priced reels like the Shimano 200I Curado RH Baitcast Reel (Which has 11 bearings)


Is it worth it?
If you are an experienced fisherman, I clearly consider it worth it, however as a person which has a family to support, the price is a little high, especially since there is no information about any type of warranty; just the promise of incredible durability. The Abu Garcia Revo Beast Baitcast Reel is definitely an outstanding piece of equipment which lacks the inefficient aspects of other reels, turning fishing into a purely relaxing fight between man and sea creature.  We hope you enjoyed our Abu Garcia Revo Beast Reel Review!

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