Aimpoint Micro T-2 2 MOA W/Standard Mount

Red dot sights certainly are a amazing addition to almost any firearm. Hunters, soldiers, and target shooters love these.

They have been simpler to work with than iron spots. If you need magnification, then you can join a magnifier to a rifle.

Aimpoint makes the greatest red dot sights on the market. They appeal to every one the groups mentioned previously.

Maybe not really all Aimpoint sights are made equal. The Aimpoint Micro t-2 stands above other small reflex sights.

Why should you think about putting a t-2 alternatively of different choices?

Quality and characteristics.

Keep on reading to discover more.

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Like most red dot sights, the Aimpoint Micro T-2 utilizes an LED reflected away from an optical lens to "float" a targeting reticle before one's target.

The T-2 is actually a micro style reddot. Which means that it is quite small.

The sight is 2 5/8″ long, 1 9/16″ wide, and 1 3/8″ tall.

In addition, it only weighs 3 ounces, without battery or mount.

Why is really a tiny size beneficial to you? There are numerous reasons.

To begin with, a small sight keeps your field-of-view clear. Second, larger optics are heavy.

If you should be at the field, you want lightweight equipment. While they state, oz are pounds, and pounds have been also pain.

There's reasons most manufacturers have adopted the crystal reddish dot form factor. But there's a big difference between Aimpoint and more economical manufacturers.

Aimpoints are manufactured to transcend military criteria. Temperature extremes can not kill this particular sight. Neither may recoil or vibration.

In addition, it is chemical resistant and submersible to 83 feet!

However, what you really want is a fantastic sight, right? The one which gets you on target.

The Micro t 2 is very good at that. It is unmagnified and parallax-free.

The lens includes multiple layers of coating to reduce glare and enhance endurance.

A 2 MOA dot permits both pin point shooting and effortless target acquisition.

There are twelve brightness levels.

Of these, four are for use with night vision devices.

Now here is a wonderful reason to utilize this particular sight: The battery life. In place 8, nearly full brightness, you get a five decades of battery lifetime.

With the sight on the whole time. When the time finally comes to improve the battery life, it's a typically accessible CR2032.

This battery lifetime carries away lots of the stress of using a battery life sight. It'll never die you.


  • Fantastic battery lifetime. 50,000 hours or even more!
  • Small, lightweight form factor which will not block your opinion weigh down your gun.
  • Suitable for night vision devices.
  • Could be applied as a secondary or primary optic.
  • Chemical resistant, shockproof, vibration resistant, and watertight.


  • Needs Buying a reddish dot magnifier if you want magnification.
  • Can be costly; you pay for the excellent
  • The added mount is fair.
  • There are many counterfeits available on the market. Ensure you purchase from a trustworthy source!

Mounting Guide

There are several variables to look at when mounting a reddot sight.

To start with, how can you really wish it to be?

Where if it be installed on the rifle?

And, why not use it to match another optic?

Mounting Height

The Aimpoint Micro T-2 comes with a bracket. Spacers can also be included.

This permits you to choose how much you want the scatter to be out of the bore.

Two of the most frequent mounting peaks are absolute co-witness and lower 1/3rd co-witness. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

Absolute co-witnessing places the scatter in line along with your iron sights.

Meanwhile, the lower 1/3rd co-witnessing places the dot above the iron sights. It puts your mind at a higher, convenient position. This is an exclusive option. See what type you want.

Mounting Location

As for where on the rifle to place the sight, the very ideal place is above your gun's centre of balance.

The sight's boundless eye relief means it's not necessary to keep it close to your face.

Keeping it nearby the middle of balance preserves your firearm's handling.

As a Backup Sight

Since the Aimpoint Micro t-2 is so small, it creates an fantastic backup optic.

Exactly what are you really going to accomplish when you have a exceptionally magnified scope when a target approaches within ten metres?

Or something happened to your scope.

They do will be more susceptible than red dot sights.

The t t2 is light enough that you can mount it on your rifle along side a magnified scope.

You can work with a 45-degree rail. This permits you to rotate the gun to change between remote and nearby goals.

Some stoves have even a Picatinny rail built.

In this case, simply mount the t2 on the extent!

Usage Guide

It appears simple enough to use a reddot sight. Simply place the scatter over your target and pull on the trigger. After zeroing from the sight, obviously.

But, below are some tips and tricks it is possible to follow to optimize your usage with the red dot sight.

After all, if you will use an Aimpoint Micro T-2, you might also utilize it to the very best of your abilities.

Where to Focus

Using a red dot sight is somewhat different from using physical sights.

With iron sights, you want to concentrate on the front sight. But if you decide to try that with a reflex sight, the scatter will blur and you're going to find yourself a headache.

Focus on the target. This brings the grinds to attention too.

Having the ability to focus entirely on the prospective is part of exactly why red dot sights operate nicely.

Maintain Both Eyes Open

If you're like me, you tend to close one eye when looking down your rifle sights. This cuts down on distractions and helps you focus.

Yet, considering keeping both of one's eyes open with the T-2.

The deficiency of magnification and deficiency of parallax allows for easy preparation when both eyes have been still open.

Also, this keeps your situational awareness.

Whether hunting or safeguarding your house, you want to pay attention not only to your target however what's around it.

Keeping both eyes open could keep you from being blindsided.

You can always close 1 eye for more attention after You're Sure That You Don't need the extra peripheral eyesight/

Alternative Mounts

The Aimpoint Micro T-2 Includes a bracket.

The mount works. Nonetheless, it is maybe not the best option.

Fortunately, other manufacturers have created alternative mounts.

These offer greater strength or flexibility.

Let's look at some.

LaRue Tactical LT751 QD Mount

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The Aimpoint Micro t 2's included bracket needs to be screwed in. This means that if you would like to swap it to another gun, it requires something.

Or, even if it any gets busted, then you are stuck with a deceased optic!

That's why quick-detach mounts are a good idea.

LaRue Tactical's QD bracket is tough. More to the point, it contributes to zero. This lets you remove the sight and set it back on without having to sight the rifle !

It includes Loctite!

Daniel Defense Micro Mount w/ Spacer

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For a more durable bracket, look at the main one by Daniel Defense. It has two screws and a recoil haul.

Try as hard as you want, you will not move this bracket. It's rock solid.

American Defense AD-T1-L Optic Mount

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This is just another QD mount, but with a different intent.

Its not all gun out there's an AR-15. However, the mount included with the T-2 was made to be mounted in an ar 15.

What when you might have, say, an MP5 clone? Or an AK?

That bracket will probably be way too tall!

This American Defense mount was made to sit low. This would make it a excellent alternative for guns which do not require high mounts.

It's also a fantastic choice for if you want to mount your T-2 to a scope. Otherwise, the sight will probably sit silly-high above your rifle!


There are certainly a whole lot of diverse red dot sights out there. Most, however, are imitations of Aimpoint sights.

The Aimpoint Micro t-2 is a competent and tough. It may withstand nearly any abuse and the battery will probably stay living for almost indefinitely.

The t2 is quite flexible. It can be the key sight on whether weapon, almost any firearm or handgun.

It is also light weight enough for described as a backup sight.

Mount it alongside or in Addition to a scope. This permits you to engage targets near and far. Regardless of what, it's not going to let you down.

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