Best ATV LED Light Bars 2019 – Top Rated Light Bar


LED lights buzz buzz has created a lot of attention towards the use of these lights in ATVs and cars. There are many reasons behind the use of LED light bars is not only the cool and widespread light that is produced but also its energy efficient and the lasting performance that attracts users. Many of us are aware of the various sizes and colors of these light bars that we can put on our ATVs, but to know them better we will be comparing some of the best ATV LED light bars and their features for a better understanding about them.

​Different ​Types ​Of ATV LED ​Light ​Bars

​ATV LED light bars to come in different shapes and sizes that may fit into various ATVs for different purposes. We can find small sized, bright light and bigger LED light bars depending on the size of the vehicle, place available to install the light and the reason for which it is needed.

​There are mainly the following different types of LED light bars that are available:

​FLUSH mount LED lights

​Flush mount LED lights are good to use as the daylight LED and these provide a good light source for the ATVs to use in the dim light conditions.

​Micropods LED light sets

​These are usually small-sized LED lights that are placed wherever it's needed and they can be connected together.

​Billet mount LED light bars

​These are the most popular form of LED light bars which can be placed on an ATV on racks, fenders and the bumpers.  

​Amber LED lights

​Amber LED lights are good to view in dusty conditions and foggy situations.

​Long LED whips

​Long LED whips are good ones for better visibility and they can be placed or installed in line on the ATV bumpers, sides and racks as well.

​Spotlights or floodlights

​Spotlights have a focused light whereas flood lights offer full bloom light for better and brighter vision.

​Benefits ​Of ​Having ​The ​Best ATV LED ​Light ​Bars:

​LED lights have become so much popular because of numerous benefits and some of these are as below:

  • ​LED light bars draw lower power and that is why they can easily run on ATV battery without burdening it a lot.
  • These have a longer life and can serve at the best for a long time no matter if they are being used frequently.
  • Lightweight and easy to install structure make them even more convenient so that anyone can install it on the vehicle.
  • The LED light bars offer a range of options regarding their light intensity and impact they can provide. There are floodlights, spotlights, combo lights and amber LED lights from which you can use whichever you need.
  • Not affected by the bumps and jerks and continue to provide the light no matter if you drive on bumpy terrains. Whereas other lights may get fused or damaged.
  • They emit lesser heat and make sure not to harm your ATV in any way.
  • The compact design and easier installation anywhere makes them fit for any kind of use on the ATVs.

​Things ​To ​Look ​For ​Before ​Buying ​The ​Best ATV LED ​Light ​Bars:

​Since LED light bars come with various features and may be used for various purposes they serve for your ATV, you must be aware of the important aspects and features that need to be focused and compared before you buy any of them:

​Length of the bar

​Definitely the length of the LED bars is important. You may measure the sides or the spots where you want to install the LED light bars.

​Wattage needed

​Wattage is important and makes sure to choose the LED wattage that is supported by your ATV battery.

​Lumens per bar

​The level of brightness is determined by the lumens of the bar so make sure to select the required lumen per bar so that you get the brightness that is needed.

​Floodlights or spotlights or combo

​Make sure you know either you are going to need a floodlight LED light bar or a spotlight. Most commonly people are obsessed with floodlights because of the spread and brightness level that makes it easier to view in the dark. You can also find combination light bars to get the most out of these lights.


​White light, amber light and other kinds of light shades are available in LED light bars so you can use any of the available options or you may consider buying a combination of them.

​How to Install Led Light Bar on ATV?

​Top ATV ​Light ​Bars ​Review ​For ​Your ATVs

​Some of the sorted options among the many available ATV LED light bars available today are reviewed below:

​1. LED Light Bar 50 Inch YITAMOTOR Combo Light Bar

LED Light Bar 50 Inch YITAMOTOR Combo Light Bar

This is a combo LED light bar that comes with all the necessities and the set including 2 of the 4-inch spotlight pods of 18W, wiring harness and the brackets to help users install the LED on the jeep or other kinds of ATVs.

The Light consists of a sturdy and durable aluminum body that support the light for a long-lasting performance. In addition to that, the wiring harness makes it possible to install the light bar safely so that it would not come out easily.

The light bars are resistant to dust and water and make sure to provide a lasting performance even if used in the severe conditions. The 27,000 lumens make sure it will light up the place where it is installed quite brightly and the 50,000 hours lifespan assure reliability and durability so that you don’t have to change them frequently.

The light bar consists of the flood beam as well as the spot beam on the 52 inches bar offering a broad and wide bight LED light bar you ever need on your ATV. It can be installed on trucks, ATVs, cars, vans etc.

There are a 30 days money back guarantee as well so that you know you have a quality product in your hand.


  • ​Combination of spotlight and floodlight
  • ​Compatible with a range of ATVs, trucks, motorbikes, and cars
  • ​27,000 lumens brightness
  • 50,000 hours lifespan for a long-lasting performance.
  • Come with 2 spotlight pods and attachment accessories as well.


  • ​Light flickering issues
  • ​The wires may melt if not installed properly

​​2. ​Nilight Light Bar 20 Inch 126W 2PCS LED Lights Spot Flood Combo

Nilight Light Bar 20 Inch 126W

This LED light bar is specially designed to offer brighter and clearer light for an ATV and other vehicles on which these can be installed. Whether you need to keep your ATV enlightened or there is a need to drive in the darker roads it works best for any type of ATVs.

The combination of the spotlight and floodlight beams make sure you can spot on the longer roads for better vision or you may also get a broader and brighter view with the help of the floodlights.

The light beam direction is adjustable with the adjustable bracket, as it offers to angle around 45 degrees assuring that you can adjust the light according to your needs. The light comes as waterproof and dustproof and can easily withstand 3.3 feet of water without going out for 30 minutes.

The 2 Pcs LED light bars are the 126W LED lights with the brackets to mount on the vehicle easily.

In addition to that, the heat dissipation and cooling effect offer longer lifespan and lower heat emission rate. These lights can be used for any kind of vehicle and can easily be installed in the place where needed.


  • ​Dust and water resistant lights
  • ​Adjustable angle on the brackets
  • ​Combination of flood and spotlight
  • ​Compatible with a range of ATVs, LTVs, and other vehicles.


  • ​You may notice some moisture after some time

​​3. ​Nilight Led Light Bar Spot Flush Mount 2PCS 18W LED Work Ligh​t

Nilight Led Light Bar Spot Flush Mount 2PCS 18W LED Work Ligh​t

This is another bright white light that is suitable to use on the ATVs for the sake of getting a spotlight for long distance visibility. This flush mount light is an 18w light and you get two of them in the package.

For clear visibility action, the 3D LED lens makes sure you get brighter and clearer spotlight for clear vision in the dark.

In addition to that, the heat dissipation assures lower heat and cooler light so that the lifespan of the light gets improved and it can serve up to 50,000 hours or so without flickering or getting off.

The design is also perfect flush mount style offering good looks and perfect use of the spotlights on the ATVs and the other kinds of vehicles.

Both lights have 1250 lm for the brighter light beam. The perfect design and integrated structure make it easier to mount and use on the range of vehicles with which the light is compatible with and can assure long-lasting performance.

It is waterproof and dustproof as well and may not show moisture inside it.


  • ​Moisture proof and water resistant
  • ​Bright white spotlight
  • ​Increases visibility in the dark
  • ​3D lens assure brighter light with small LEDs


  • ​Installation and setting up needs time.

​​​4. ​Auxbeam 72W LED Light Bar  CREE 12 inch LED Driving Light​

Auxbeam 72W LED

This is another combo LED light bar for the ATVs and other vehicles. The spotlight uses 30 degree and the floodlights at the 60 degrees create the perfect combination of spotlight and floodlight for better and brighter light emission.

The LED light is 7200lm and both of the 12-inch bars make sure to show the path in the dark in a very clear manner.

The light bars offer a long lifespan of about 30,000 thousand hours with proper heat dissipation and setup on the vehicles. Additionally, the lights are waterproof, shock resistant and dustproof as well.

It comes in the full aluminum housing that enables the light to withstand any harsh circumstances that are met on the road.


  • ​Bright white light
  • ​Sturdy construction
  • ​Waterproof and shockproof
  • ​Dust resistant
  • Longer lifespan


  • ​Need some time and expertise to install

​5. ​Northpole  LED Light Bar 52" 300W  Light Spot Flood Combo LED Light Bar

Northpole  LED Light Bar 52"

This is a sleek and long 52 inches LED light bar that is perfect for the ATVs and other kinds of vehicles which you may want to put them on.

The spotlight and floodlight combination light assure that you will get the brighter light for a wide vision and the focused light for a long distance vision in one go.

The LED bar works with 22000 lumens and provides a heat sink for an improved lifespan of around 30,000 hours. The complete aluminum housing with the stainless steel brackets assure sturdy design and allow the light stay unaffected under harsh conditions.

The setup includes the sturdy design, shock resistant, dust proof and waterproof lights that will keep lighting no matter where your vehicle has to get into.

​It comes with the mounting bracket and the necessary equipment for easier and quicker installation.


  • ​Durable and long lasting design
  • ​Bright lights
  • ​Floodlight and spotlight combination
  • ​Dust and waterproof.
  • ​Does not flicker on receiving shocks


  • ​Wattage is not as indicated

​6. ​​Nilight 52Inch 300W Spot/Flood Combo LED Lights Bar

Nilight 52Inch 300W

Made with high quality and bright LED light chips and the PC lens, this LED light bar offers bright white and consistent light for the ATVs. This spotlight and floodlight combo assure you can see with a wider span of view and also allow long distance focus for better visibility.

The light bar is waterproof, and dust proof so it would not be affected if you drive on rough roads filled with dust and water splashes. The sturdy construction allows better use for a longer period of time.

The light bar comes with mounting brackets and the necessary screws so that you may install or mount it anywhere you need them in an easy way.

You get a 2-year warranty in case if you are not satisfied with the product, the manufacturer back the product and would assist when needed.

It dissipates heat and works at 30- 45 C to avoid extra heating issues while the lights are in use on the vehicle and keep the lights in action for a longer period of time.


  • ​Lifespan if around 30,000 hours
  • ​CE, RoHS, and FCC certified
  • ​Sturdy and long-lasting design
  • ​Bright white light spotlight and floodlight combo LED bar
  • ​2-year warranty


  • ​Amps are not stable

​​7. ​Eyourlife Curved LED Light Bar, 50” 288W Combo Beam

Eyourlife Curved LED Light Bar

This is a curved LED light bar for the vehicles that need extra bright light in front and where straight lights may not be installed easily because of the curved head.

This 50 inches 288W LED light bar is a combination light bar that offers both floodlight and the spotlight so that the area becomes wider and brighter with the focused as well as wide range light on the head.

It is perfect for the vehicles having a curved front that assure easier and better fit and installation or mounting on the vehicle.

The 17280 lm LED light bar to assure bright and clear vision for the vehicle that is driven in the dark and bumpy roads.

The overall construction of the light is sturdy and offer aluminum alloy heat sink for a cool light and keep the lights working without getting heat up. That is why the lifespan is increased up to 50,000 hours.

The sturdy and long lasting design and construction make sure it will not be affected by the external factors like dust, water, and shocks.

It can fit on any kind of vehicle either it is an ATV or an SUV, you can get the same quality and performance and get the best bright light on your vehicle.


  • ​Long lasting and sturdy
  • ​Floodlight and spotlight combo
  • ​Heat dissipation
  • ​50,000 hours lifespan
  • ​Certified waterproof


  • ​May show issues after some time

​​8. ​​​Bangbangche 1X 20'' 126W Combo Led Light Bar

Bangbangche 1X 20

This is another spotlight and floodlight combination light offering bright light supported by 54 total LED CREE chips in 2 rows and in combination with the floodlight, it offers a wider and brighter range on the road for better visibility.

The light is waterproof and can stand moisture as well. The light can also resist and withstand harsh outdoor conditions for a longer lifespan. In addition to that, the tough glass on the light along with the sturdy aluminum housing allows the light to provide consistent and non-stop performance.

The heat-resistant construction offers a longer lifespan of around 50,000 hours. The light comes with a 1-year warranty so that you may feel easy while using them and can get help when needed.

​It can be used for multiple purposes and on a range of different vehicles for getting a bright and clear vision.


  • ​Combination of floodlight and spotlight
  • ​Bright white light
  • ​Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • ​50,000 hours lifespan
  • ​Sturdy design
  • Heat dissipation and reliable performance


  • ​Instructions for installation is lacking

​​9. ​AMBOTHER LED Pods 4” Light Bar Spot Flood Combo, Beam


This is a unique combination of Spotlight and Floodlights as it offers 4 inches light bar containing a total of 40 PCs LED and provide 6000K brighter and wider white light. The light comes with 12800 lumens for a bright and clear vision.

The light can turn dark night into the daylight with these LED lights as they offer a perfect combination of the floodlights and the spots lights so that you get a wide, bright light for a long distance road as well.

The sturdy die-cast aluminum housing assure the lights stay shocked resistant and would not be affected by the external factors easily. These are water-resistant as well as dust resistant.

​These can be installed on a range of vehicles where you need bright light for illuminating the road in the dark.


  • ​Long lasting LED lights
  • ​Bright white light
  • ​Floodlights and spotlight combo setup
  • ​Dust and shockproof


  • ​Fog can be noticed inside the light bar

​Concluding our review of the best ATV LED light bars we have found that the floodlight and spotlight combo LED light bars are the most reliable and the best ones that perform well on the road. It is because they offer both a wider and more focused visibility on the road. Further, the heat dissipation factor, water, and dust resistance, as well as shockproof housing, play an important role in determining the performance of the LED light bar. Additionally, the mounting and installation process should also be made easier for better use. So, we have sorted and reviewed the best options available on the market so that you can choose according to your own preferences.  Hopefully, you will find the guide and the options useful and would be able to choose what you need.