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May 10, 2019

​​A car battery needs to stay charged to backup car functions and ignition functions. The car battery charges up when it is in use on a regular basis. It is necessary for the car battery o to maintain an optimum charge for the sake of smooth startup and performance. But if you leave your car unused for a long period of time, the battery loses its charge and it may get drained out with the passage of time.

The cars that are left unused for days or weeks may not be able to maintain the required charge in the battery hence they can face issues when you try to retrieve it or start it up after weeks. In such situations, using the best battery tender for keeping the battery alive is one perfect solution to avoid problems.

​Battery Tender Specification

​Battery tenders should of great help for the vehicles like motorbikes, cars, trucks, boats etc. these are the gadgets that help in maintaining the

​Compact and lightweight

​Usually, a portable, compact and lightweight battery tender is desired when it comes to convenience while using it. You should look for the one that is compact, easy to carry and place where needed.

​Compatible with the battery

​The kind of battery that needs to be maintained is also important and you should check for the compatibility first. Make sure the battery tender you choose supports the battery you need to stay charged.

​Automatic operation

​Battery tenders that have automatic function and make sure to keep the battery charged as per its needs are the best ones and make sure not to overcharge the battery. These battery tenders detect when the charge is lower than the optimum level and charge till its maintained. It also helps in avoiding overcharging the batteries.

​Reverse charge indicator

​Upon connection, if the clamps get connected to wrong poles, this may hinder the charge flow. So, most of the quality battery tenders and charger make sure to provide an indication so that you know that you have connected the clamps to the right poles.
Safe clamps

The clamps should be sturdy, strong and safe so that they may not produce a spark for safer charge flow.

​Digital display

​Having a digital display is also an added advantage so that you know the battery condition and charging process. This works for understanding the battery condition so that you know how the charger is working fine and is managing the charge well. Some of the chargers may also offer battery testing and battery condition diagnosis so that you know if there are any issues with the battery.

​Top 10 ​Best ​Battery ​Tender ​Reviews:

​Battery tenders are essential things for those having cars that are to be left idle for weeks. So, we thought we may sort out some of the best so that you can pick the best one immediately without messing up with hundreds and thousands of options available on the market. Here the top 10 options you may trust:

1. Battery Tender 12V, 0.75A  021-0123 Junior Battery Charger 

Battery Tender 12V

This battery tender comes with all the safety features and is suitable for 12-Volt battery charging needs. The charger comes with the spark safe clamps that make sure you connect them safely without creating any hazardous spark that may compromise the safety.

In addition to that, if you falsely connect the clamps to the wrong poles, it indicates and protects reverse polarity as well. It is spark resistant and makes sure the lead connections are safe.  

The battery tender comes with a 12 ft cord to connect easily with the battery with proper placement. It is suitable for all lead-acid batteries either gel cell, AGM or sealed and maintenance free batteries.

It also follows a charging program including the initialization phase, charge and float mode to help maintain the charge. So, it maintains the charge with overcharging hence offers no issues to the battery. LED light indicators for battery stage indication. It is a complete solution that is compact and lightweight with automatic function so that your vehicle stays ready to use without any issues. Its performance is backed by 5 years warranty so you have no worries when you have the battery tender attached to the battery.


  • ​Automatic functions
  • Works fine with all 12-V batteries
  • Comes with 12ft. cord
  • LED light indicators
  • ​5-year warranty
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Float mode charging


  • ​Seems less sturdy but works fine

2. Battery Tender 022-0185G-dl-wh   12 Volt  Battery Charger and Maintainer

Battery Tender 022-0185G-dl-wh

This battery tender is among the best one available on the market and has been listed in the appliance efficiency database in California.

It works fine with the 120 V input batteries and 12 volts output so it is compatible with the most sued 12 volts batteries in most of the vehicles. It easy to use with the ring terminals for difficult places and there are alligator clamps as well for alternate connectivity.

It is perfect use with boat batteries, motorcycle, cars, and ATVs as well. The battery charger follows the proper system to charge properly including initialization, charge, absorption and the float mode offering smooth and consistent charging of the battery.

When the battery is fully charged it get to float mode automatically and if the charge is lower it returns to full charge mode to make sure the battery stays in its best condition. The clamps and connectors are spark proof hence pose no danger at all. The safety time is 72 hours.

For the sake of user safety, the charger comes with the anti-reverse polarity system that is indicated by the red and green lights.


  • ​California appliance efficiency listed
  • ​Works with 12V batteries
  • ​Suitable for ATVs and cars, boats and lawn mowers
  • ​Float Mode
  • ​Reverse polarity protection


  • Warranty process not easier for users.

3. Battery Tender Plus 021-0128, Battery Charger

Battery Tender Plus 021-0128

This is another automatic battery charger and maintainer that assure automatic maintenance of the battery charge when the vehicle is in idle mode. It maintains the charge safely and comes with reverse polarity safety. The indicator lights make sure to inform about the charger state. Due to its automatic function, it goes to float mode when the battery is fully charged and when the charge is lower it resumes the full charge mode as well.

The battery charger is temperature compensated so that it operates and charges according to the surrounding temperature.

The charger can be used no matter if there is the least space to reach, its quick harness connector reaches wherever you need to connect with the charger. The power cord is 6 ft. long to assure easier and better connectivity. It also has the alligator clamps to connect with the battery terminals.

It works perfectly fine for ATVs, lawn mowers, cars, and scooters so you can have one to stand by your vehicle for as long as you need. It is safe and easy to use with no-spark and reverse polarity protection.


  • ​Reverse polarity safe
  • ​Spark proof
  • ​Easy to connect
  • ​Perfect for lawnmowers, cars, boats etc.
  • ​Not suitable for use in California Oregon

4. NOCO Genius G3500 UltraSafe Smart Battery Charger

NOCO Genius G3500 UltraSafe Smart Battery Charger

This is another good option for lead-acid batteries that works fine with 6V and 12 V batteries. The clamps and connectors are safe to use and are spark proof so that there are no risks in using the battery charger.

 The reverse polarity proof design makes sure you know when connecting the clamps to the poles is good to go. With automatic function, it protects from over-charging. The charger is fine for boats, ATVs, and cars for keeping the battery charged. It works fine with boats, AGM batteries, and RVs.

It also has the capability to repair the batteries for a longer life of the battery. Now you can safely charge the batteries in your vehicles boats and lawn mowers without getting into troubles.


  • ​Compatible with a wide range of batteries
  • ​Spark free connection
  • ​Reverse polarity proof
  • ​Easy to use and operate
  • ​Best for vehicles, ATVs, and boats
  • Interactive charging with battery feedback


  • ​May not last long with consistent use

5. NOCO Genius Boost Plus GB40 12V UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter

NOCO Genius Boost Plus GB40

All you need is a compact easy to use and operate jump starter and battery tender that will never disappoint you upon use. This NOCO genius boost is a completely safe solution to maintain and keeps your vehicle’s battery charged.

It is small but has enough power of `1000 amps and can support up to 20 jump start in one charge. The emergency strobe and the LED flashlight make sure you can use it without any problems seen when you need to connect it in the dark.

The overall design is safe and sparks safely so that you may connect it to your battery without facing any spark. It can also help to charge up small devices like mobiles etc. comes with alligator clamps for quick and easy as well as safe setup.

The battery starter is suitable for use with boat, truck, cars and other things like that.


  • ​Safe and sound solution to jump start batteries
  • ​Gives 20 jump starts in one charge
  • Easy to use
  • ​Suitable for car, boat and lawnmower batteries and other of the same kind.
  • ​Portable
  • 1-year warranty
  • Reverse polarity protected​


  • ​Not rugged design

6. Schumacher SEM-1562A-CA Speed Charge Battery Maintainer

Schumacher SEM-1562A-CA Speed Charge Battery Maintainer

Schumacher speed charge battery maintainer keeps it smooth to charge the battery for your vehicle when it has to stay idle for a long period of time. It comes with a microprocessor offering fully automatic function that keeps the battery charged. It works fine with 12 V batteries of cars, vehicles, and ATVs.

It functions using the automatic setup with full-charge mode and when charged it gets to float mode when it is charged. The battery tender maintains the battery charge.
It is kept in a rugged, well-designed housing made of plastic and offers an easy to carry compact design.

The battery tender comes with clamps and ring terminals for a diverse range of connection and assembly.


  • ​Works on a range of vehicle batteries
  • ​Automatic charging process
  • ​Float Mode
  • ​Safe to use


  • ​Not good at speed charging on a dead battery

7. Battery Tender 022-0148-DL-WH Battery Management System

Battery Tender 022-0148-DL-WH Battery Management System

This battery management system offers consistent and reliable battery tending with 4 separate charging stations that enable diverse connection and battery management supporting 12V at 1.25 amps per charge bank. It is designed for better portability and easy to use functions and is lightweight up to 3 lbs which is enough to carry along anywhere with you. The battery charging is controlled with the help of a microprocessor that assures consistent charging and assures spark proof connectivity.

Reverse polarity proof function make sure the process is safe and would not harm or spark and no short circuit problems.  The charger is suitable for supporting AGM batteries, flooded batteries, and maintenance free batteries. This battery tender can be used for ATVs, cars and other 12V batteries with no issues.


  • ​​Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • ​Spark and reverse polarity proof
  • ​Compact and portable
  • ​4 separate charging stations


  • ​Cables are short

8. Battery Tender 800 is a SuperSmart Battery Charger

​​​​Battery Tender 800

This 800 a battery charging system offers compact and easy to use a design that assures consistent charging of the battery connected to it. When you need to put the battery tender for a battery the main issue surely is its safe placement which is solved in this system with its surface mount setup.

The charger comes with alligator clamps and ring terminals as well that make sure you can reach out to battery terminals safely and provide spark proof connection every time.

It is encapsulated and kept safe inside the case with the shockproof design and keeps the internal system free from moisture and damages. The cover offers thermal conduction, and electrical insulation, fire resistant safety.

It is portable, easy to use and quick connection makes sure the user can put it to work anytime with no hassles involved. It is lightweight and weighs only 1 pound. The charger is suitable for batteries used in ATVs, cars, boats, scooters, and motorbikes.


  • ​The battery tender is perfect for most of the 12V batteries
  • Shockproof, fireproof, and moisture resistant
  • ​Reverse polarity protection
  • ​Short circuit protection
  • Spark proof
  • Innovative, automatic battery charging​


  • ​Seem too lightweight and low power but it works well

9. Potek 2/6/10 Amp Battery Charger and Maintainer

Potek 2/6/10 Amp Battery Charger and Maintainer

This battery charger comes with the capability to charge all types of lead-acid batteries of 12V. The GEL and AGM batteries are also supported and you can surely use it with them.

It is compact, smart and well-designed to match the needs of the user so that they can use it as easily as possible.

The charger follows the three-stage charging cycle and makes sure to display the battery function through the digital display so that you know what’s going on.

The charger comes with a float mode so that when the battery gets fully charged it gets to float mode and maintains the charge.

It is protected from sparks, reverse polarity and shocks so that you get safe and consistent battery charging without a short circuit.


  • ​It comes with a 2-year warranty
  • ​Reverse polarity protection guaranteed
  • ​Spark proof terminals
  • ​Safe to use
  • ​Easy and compact design


  • ​Need to stay away from temperatures above 40 C otherwise issues may arise

10. Schumacher SSC-1000A SpeedCharge Battery Charger

Schumacher SSC-1000A SpeedCharge Battery Charger

Schumacher speedcharge is the single solution for battery charging needs that offers display mode that displays charge rate and battery mode. There is a digital meter as well that shows charge status and make sure to inform about battery test as well.

It works fine with 10 Amp fast charger and makes sure to maintain a charge. For the slow charge, it works on 2 Amp charge that is good for small sized batteries.

With this system, you can test the battery and you will know the battery status and the issues that are there. The charger is suitable for batteries in cars, motorbikes, boats, and scooters.


  • ​5-year limited warranty
  • ​Easy to carry
  • ​Non-skid construction
  • ​Automatic microprocessor controlled charging


  • Not available for Oregon and California

​Summing up the comprehensive guide regarding the best battery tender, we have discussed and listed some of the best options here. To make sure you get the real battery tender that supports the battery you have, you will need to check the reverse polarity, shockproof connectors, and quick connection options. All these features are necessary for the safe and proper use of the battery tenders.

Additionally, we have seen that float mode, and automatic charging helps a lot in maintaining the battery charge in an effortless manner. So it is important that you should pick the safest option that is capable of maintaining the battery in your vehicle.
Most probably the battery tenders are portable and easy to sue but you still have to make sure that as well so that you will be staying worried free when you vehicle batter rests on the battery charger.

Best Battery Tender Reviews 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

​​A car battery needs to stay charged to backup car functions and ignition functions. The car battery charges up when it is in use on a regular basis. It i

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