Best Camping Mattresses for [2019] – Top 6 Reviews

Best Camping Mattresses

​Best night's sleep during camping could be quite tricky to find, given that the hardiness of camping. We know campers discover that it's hard to find undisturbed and good sleep from the wilderness, even once they're super-tired. That's if your best camping mattress aid you!

  1. Outdoorsman Lab Ultralight Sleeping Pad - Best Camping Mattress
  2. Teton Sports Camp Cot - Best Cot for Camping
  3. Etekcity Air Mattress with Rechargeable Pump - Best Air Bed for Camping
  4. Lightspeed Outdoors Air Bed Mattress - Best Camping Sleeping Pad
  5. Intex Classic Downy Airbed- Best Queen Air Mattress for Camping
  6. Freeland Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad - Best Camping Sleeping Pad

​Packing up a premium caliber of sleeping pad will relaxation and support the body whilst also camping. Is there anything more for this? Not only relaxation, but nevertheless camping mattresses help in keeping your body warm and raised off the ground. Consequently, ensuring your safety.

Here we've reviewed high top 6 best camping mattresses, each specializing in its type. Some sleeping pads use foam, whereas many others utilize air for insulation from cold. Not to mention, a few sleeping pads contain a combination of foam + air to give relaxation.

​But, which one is best for you? Let’s find out.

​Best Camping Mattress

​Camping mattresses are inexpensive, fast to establish and match within seconds. Only roll it out, blow air into it, and then you're prepared.

Such mattresses possess compact foam to the interior filled with interconnected air cells. They provide very excellent warmth (according to its R-value) and are pretty light . The bestthing about mattresses is they transported anywhere and can be folded down you desire.

​#1 Outdoorsman Lab Ultralight Sleeping Pad - Best Camping Mattress

OutdoorsmanLab Lightweight Self

​Created for camping and backpacking, this travel-size sleeping pad will fit right into your sofa for night's sleep.

​Durable Fabric

​To endure usage, the top of the mattress is created from 20D rip-stop Nylon, where as the bottom features 75D Polyester. Its durability has been enriched using an extruded TPU coating which won't break up though utilized.

Given the standard of the fabric, this particular sleeping pad is highly durable and weatherproof.

​Air-Cell design

​As you may see, the Outdoorsman Lab sleeping mattress includes unique self-adjusting and inter-connected air-cell design that adjusts to the shape of your entire physique. Thereby, providing support and comfort to you.

​Ultralight & Ultra compact

​What makes it among those best camping mattress in the sector is its own ultra-light and ultracompact design. Why? It weighs only about 16 ounces and folds down to just 8"x3" x3".

That may make it easier upon you to take it anywhere you, please.

Not exactly that, the easy-to-use air compressor will enable one to inflate/deflate the mattress in just a matter of minutes.

When fully inflated, then it measures 73" x 21.6" x 2.2".


  • ​Cozy and supportive layout
  • Folds down compactly
  • Adaptive and Powerful fabric
  • Perfect to get camping/backpacking
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Ideal for tall people


  • ​lineup might be too narrow for a few people

​Customer Reviews

​Users rave about lightweight and lightweight the Outdoorsman Lab sleeping pad is. And hence they found it best for backpacking. Nothing beats the comfort with the sleeping pad, especially at such a lower price, state , users.

It could inflate fully just. The sole downside is that some users found it to be overly narrow for their own body size.

​Final Impression

​If you are interested in a camping mattress that excels in comfort, you will not be let down with this outdoors man Laboratory sleeping pad. Hands-down, it is but one of those best camping mattresses on the market now, especially at this price point.

It's easy-to-use, inflates/deflates within minutes and retains the atmosphere for the entire night. As well as the high quality, durable cloth utilized here adds value to this merchandise. With 1.3 r value, this sleeping mat is recommended for summer biking trips.

​Best Cot for Camping

​A camping cot may be regarded as a improved form of a sleeping mattress. Not only does it provide a sleeping stage, but also comes with a good metal structure as well.

Cots will keep you off the floor and can be stable & secure than sleeping pills. They might not be cushioning as sleepingpads however are still a perfect choice for camping in case you do not mind its own weight .

​#2 Teton Sports Camp Cot - Best Cot for Camping

Teton Sports Camp Cot

​Camping trips call for a comfortable and raised surface that is sleeping. Afterall, many adventurers usually do not fancy sleeping on the floor with just a mattress as service. That's when your best camping cot enters the picture.

This particular TETON Sports camping cot is a ideal alternative for weekend campers or car camping.

​Elevated and comfortable surface

​Made from durable 600D Oxford Canvas bed, this particular camping cot comes in two distinct variants: Adventurer or Universal Camping Cot and 4 unique sizes. Use your discretion to choose the one which suits your body size best.

​High-weight capacity

​Not only are you going to obtain an elevated and cozy surface to sleep during swimming, however you can also use this as an extra space to the own house guests.

​It's a maximum weight capacity of about 400 pounds (181 kg) when spread evenly across the surface of the bed.

​Stable design

​Reinforced with steel X-legs, the cot by itself is quite sturdy and stable.

Moreover, the size of the cot is more than a double mattress, so it's great for almost all body sizes.


  • ​Quick and Effortless setup
  • Life Time guarantee
  • Sturdy and strong framework
  • Heavy Duty 600D Canvas material


  • ​Heavy
  • Sags at the middle after repeated usage
  • The added carrying tote is of poor quality

​Customer Reviews

​Many bikers, backpackers, hikers, etc. have found TETON Sports camping cot to become extremely comfortable. As per one of those reviewers, then the cot is light in weight and folds down compactly.

All the materials used here are far more durable and certainly stronger than air mattresses,'' says an individual.

Talking about the cons, few users have promised that it broke down if laden with less 400 lbs of weight, so the'maximum weight capacity' assert is debateable.

​Final Impression

​TETON Sports Camping cot is excellent for those that like to sleep in an elevated and comfortable surface, as opposed to on to the ground. It folds down into a bag for effortless carrying. Considering that its easy setup, auto dealerships are certainly going to love this particular cot.

​Best Air Bed for Camping

​Air beds are probably the handiest way to reach your good night's sleep while camping outdoors, because of its compactness. Will be packed off when not being used and air beds are lightweight, convenient to carry.

There are different tactics to inflate an air bed. It's possible to blow air to it via a hand pump, an electric pump or even a pump. The principal advantage of using airbeds is that it elevates you few inches away from the earth.

The only disadvantage is they can easily get punctured from the areas, and that means you'll need to hold a repair kit with you.

​#3 Etekcity Air Mattress with Rechargeable Pump - Best Air Bed for Camping

Etekcity Air Mattress with Rechargeable Pump

​ArcEnCiel is among the brands in the business today, plus it generates a number of bags that are highquality.

The version from ArcEnCiel has been deliberately made for long travels. It has an ultra-large capacity of 50L and it is designed to deal with 130 pounds of maximum load. By the looks of it, you can say that ArcEnCiel offers a durable and solid pannier for all of your travel needs. Each tote measures 14.6" long, 12.6" high and 7.9" in width.

​Particular Inner and Outer Build

​Innovative layers of buckle pillar arrangement inside of the bed provides this user with support.

On the other hand, the outer top surface feels exceptionally soft against your skin. Updated design of this bed features thick 0.4 MM nontoxic PVC & 0.2mm flocking top. It's raised 9" up from the floor, hence insulating material you away from wet and cold surface.

​Welded Seams

​To stop the bed out of atmosphere leakage, the seams all have been welded snugly together.

Regardless of what surface you are sleeping on, the anti-skid bottom makes certain to keep the atmosphere bed set up.

​Air Pump

​No longer hassle of breathing into your air mattress is sold with its air pump.

Both are inflating and deflating with the enclosed pump takes only 1 minute. Three nozzle attachments provided here allow inflatable items to inflate .

However, how does it recharge the pump? You can recharge it by an AC adapter (home wall outlet) or car charger, no need to replace any battery or therefore.

Re charge the pump when outdoors and the pump can be used by you cordlessly.

​Large Spacious Air Bed

​When fully inflated, the double air mattress steps 75" x 39" x 9". For simple portability, it is possible to fold the mattress down into 14" x 12.7" x 5" and package it down into the carrying bag provided.


  • ​ 9" of the elevated mattress
  • Shirt and an anti-skidbottom
  • Durable materials
  • 1-year warranty and Lifetime service
  • Easy to install and fold down


  • ​Smells of PVC

​Customer Reviews

​Myriads of clients have found Etekcity Airbed to become usage as well as among the inflatable mattresses for outdoors. It isn't overly heavy or bulky, the atmosphere mattress and also the pump both include its carrying out bag, state users.

Another thing that has impressed users is its own comfortable yet business surface.The onlydownside is that few users found this air bed to market quickly with no visible holes.

​Final Impression

​If a cushty, raised and firm air bed is what you hunt out outdoor camping, check out this Etekcity Airbed. It inflates within only 1 minute and comes with rechargeable air conditioner. Wherever fold down it, you wish to go, pack it up and carry it anywhere you would like.

​#4 Lightspeed Outdoors Air Bed Mattress - Best Camping Sleeping Pad

Lightspeed Outdoors Air Bed Mattress

​If you've employed a PVC air mattress before, you will be familiar with a powerful chemical odor it provides out. It is frustrating and even detrimental for your health in addition to the atmosphere. Thus which material is best for air mattresses- PVC or TPU? Certainly, TPU. It is more environment-friendly, lighter and much elastic than PVC. & above all, it is odorless and breathable!

​PVC-free Air Bed

​Lightspeed Outdoors offers one of the best camping mattresses for couples, as a result of its spacious and more very cozy design.
This camping mattress is absolutely free of PVC and Phthalate and so rest assured that there will not be any odor or health hazard here. Instead, the material used here is TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) that is lightweight, durable and equally comfy.

But what is on the interior? Polyester Oxford material has been laminated with TPU to keep the mattress from extending or ballooning. The use of such superior materials is what enhances your experience whilst camping.

​Boston Valve

​Two way Boston valve armed here allows you to adjust the firmness of the airbed as per your liking. Make use of the included air pump to inflate the mattress.

Bounce is minimized by the next-generation system in the mattress, yet feels comfortable.

​Spacious Size

​As it's a mattress that is 2-person, it effortlessly fits standard sheets.

After inflated, it measures 79" x 55" x7". And when packed, it may go down into 18.4" x 9.2".

The mattress has been reinforced with separate connectors betweentopmost and base layers, thereby evenly distributing reducing and weight bounce.

Contrary to other air mattresses, this ​Lightspeed Outdoors mattress weighs under 6 lbs, therefore is simple to hold around. Built-in handles will create it's positioning a breeze!


  • ​Free from Phthalate and PVC
  • Folds down completely
  • Patented stabilizing system
  • Includes a battery-operated pump and Carrying sack
  • Weighs just 6 pounds
  • Boston valve allows you to correct firmness


  • ​Contained pump is not actually of good quality

​Customer Reviews

​Clients have concurred that lightspeed outdoors sleeping mattress will not feel uncomfortable or cheap and is well-made. It is light weight to transport is for-two people and inflates within seconds, as several users.

However, many clients have promised it deflates in only a couple hours of use and requires frequent refilling.

​Final Impression

​For all those who are currently on the lookout for a mattress that is low-profile, this Lightspeed outdoors camping mattress may be usually the only for you personally! It's flexible, odorless, lightweight and cozy. It includes a pump for.

Best thing is that it is coated with TPU therefore that it's not going to elongate or balloon up beforehand.

​#5 Intex Classic Downy Airbed- Best Queen Air Mattress for Camping

Intex Classic Downy Airbed

​Unlike other mattresses, this Intex air mattress remains true to its Queen size and it is the ideal air mattress for 2 different people.

Use it to camping or at home for guests; nothing else can go wrong for this blow up mattress.

​Flocked Surface

​Luxurious and cozy flocking surface at the top provides an individual with utmost comfort and support, without inducing the sheets to slip.

Whereas the innovative wave beam construction creates a uniform surface for a fantastic night's sleep.

​Permanent Vinyl Material

​Made from heavy-duty vinyl, this atmosphere bed is well suited for camping functions. The flocked top caneasily cleans, even when it becomes wet for some purpose.

The suites come all-included with 2 inflatable cushions and a hand pump.

​Quality Tested Construction

​Everything equipped into Intex air mattress is quality-tested beforehand. From the 20.8-gaugedwaterproof surface, 15-gauge bottom & sides to 14-gauge vinyl beams, and everything is sure to provide luxurious sleeping experience.

Extra-wide 2-in-1 valve opening enables quick inflation and deflation.

​True Queen Size

​As claimed, Intex supplies you with an 8.75" of the raised bed with 60" x 80" of authentic Queen sized mattress. Supplying a tight fit to your Queen-sized sheets.

Having an astonishing 600 pounds of maximum capacity, it is an perfect queen airbed for couples on the move.


  • ​Folds down entirely
  • True queen size
  • Hand pump along with two inflatable cushions included
  • Waterproof; Ideal for camping
  • Cozy and tender surface
  • Low price


  • ​ Pillows are extremely uncomfortable
  • Manual pumping takes some moment

​Customer Reviews

​The feature about it Intex queen air mattress is that it allows secure storage and is great for two different people, according to users. Many customers were able to inflate thebed over 10 minutes with the assistance of a pump.

Talking about the relaxation, users are quite happy about the soft and comfy surface. However, many customers have complained of air leakage.

​Final Impression

​Intex Queen air mattress might be your perfect camping bed if you are low on budget. It's comfy, soft and pops down for effortless storage.

For this price, we'd recommend this for occasional camping. There may be some issues of extending and air leakage, As this is constructed of vinyl. So, it's perhaps not ideal for campers that are acute.

​#6 Freeland Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad - Best Camping Sleeping Pad

Freeland Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad

​Another comfy mat with this particular review list is from Freeland. Take it with you for trekking or camping and enjoy your own time hassle-freely. All you want to do is roll out it, with inflating it self open this sleeping mat together that is innovating and also its two free flow valves !

​Weather-resistant shell:

​You can count with this 190T polyester pongee PVC casing to maintain its shape. The unique tufted design at top offers additional comfort.

Striking a perfect balance of lightweight and comfortable design, this Freeland sleeping mat will sure keep you warm throughout camping.


​If not in use, roll it up, fasten it and also store it.

When fully inflated, the sleeping pad measures, 64" in length (76" full having an attachedpillow), 1.5" in height and 24.8" in width.

Most importantly, it can fold into only 15" x 6.7" of compact dimensions.


  • ​Foldable design
  • Includes Storage sofa, Compression straps, and Repair Kit
  • Split joint layout enables you
  • Detachable/Height Adaptive Bungee hooks on each pannier


  • ​Zippers are of inferior grade

​Customer Reviews

​Most users have found BV bike panniers to be appropriate for commuting, but maybe not for serious commuters. That having been said, many customers say that the large pockets are still spacious enough to mend the majority of your gear, where as small pockets really are all good to save keys, light, gear, etc..

On the downside, several clients have complained regarding this material. The corners are to flop in the spokes. Only the back part is encouraged with a panel. Still, alot sags.

​Final Impression

​To sum up, BV bike panniers are great for cruising purposes and also remain true for their claim, but don't expect it to excel in strength and rigidity. Considering its low cost, it is ideal for carrying gear that is lightweight. And, it's not difficult to put in.

​Buying Camping Mattress

​Here given is a comprehensive buying guide to help you select your best camping

​R-Value and Insulation:

​The majority of the pads have a coating of insulation indoors to prevent the heat of the body when outdoors for camping from dissipating.

Rvalue generally indicates the capacity of a sleeping pad to resist heat flow from the entire body. Higher the rvalue better are the insulating material. Rvalues can contain anywhere from 1.0 (minimum insulating material ) to 9.5 (most useful insulation).

  • ​For instance, you can elect for a sleeping mat with 3.0 or less R-value.
  • For most of the 3-season camping conditions, rvalue of 2.0 to 4.0 will probably be fine.

​For cold weather, look for a sleeping mat with an r value of either 4.0 or more.
Take note that all manufacturers don't cite the rvalue of a sleeping mat.


​Since for camping you unload your gear and usually drive up, you do not have to give preference to the burden of this mattress.

A top camping mattress may be the one that is comfortable and durable in the long term use.

But if you never have room enough for storage into your rig, then you can select compressible and light weight mattresses.

​Repair Kit:

​If you are using a quality mattress for camping, then make sure to start looking. Sharp objects can quickly puncture air beds, so you will need to carry a repair kit to repair it.


​Nothing could be frustrating than a mattress that drops short for width or the height. Always be sure to look at the dimensions of a sleeping pad to see if it is by your own body's size.

  • ​Small sized mattresses are all around 72" long. Camping mattresses may range from 77" to 85" in length.
  • Long mattresses are ideal for tall people, and also the excess width is desirable for just about everyone.
  • The majority of the sleeping pads have a standard 20" of width. Tall men and women may want to choose 25" to 30" wide sleeping pads.


​The pressure points are highlighted on your own shoulders and buttocks, when you sleep in your side. Therefore, it is very important to choose a mattress which comforts and supports those areas.

  • ​Any mattress that is around 3" or thicker is recommended for side sleepers.
  • Whereasback sleepers may choose the thin mattress. But really, it all depends on your preferences.

​For all thick sleeping pads to be more comfortable, It's perhaps not essential. Some times thick pads may feel as a pool float.

​The best camping mattress could be usually the one which allows one to correct its firmness and doesn't bottom out quickly.

Construction of the mattress is vital. Look for the one that keeps its shape well and is thick.

​Deniers Rating:

​For camping pads, denier rating can be anywhere from 50D to 150D. Greater, higher the score will be its tear resistance.

​Linking Ability:

​Some mattresses enable one to connect different mattresses of exactly the model to create a sleeping space. Thus, rendering it more convenient than carrying queen atmosphere beds.

You join it together in your area and can carry each version separately.

​Types of Valves:

​The majority of the mattresses are have a twist valve and obviously a self-inflating type. Based on a certain version, you may or may not require to blow air into these mattresses to get full inflation.

  • ​Caliber of the valves employed in camping beds varies accordingto their own price.
  • Cheap camping pads comprise plastic valves that are plastic, whereas premium models will include high quality durable valves.
  • Some good-quality sleeping pads will provide you with two valves for quick inflation/deflation.

​Benefits of using a Camping Mattress

​Elevation: Camping mattresses can lift you off the floor by couple inches. Thereby, protecting you by the tough ground or poking pebbles & shrub roots.

​Comfort and Support: Mattresses are produced from solid materials to make available a fairamount of support and comfort to the users. The top surface is made to be comfy and soft to alleviate neck or back pain.

​Maneuverability: Nearly all camping beds are foldable for simple maneuverability. You take it anywhere and are able to pack them up in a sack youpersonally, please.

​Insulation: Camping Mattresses make insulation between the cold ground surface and user. Some mattresses also have insulating material layers for warmth during winter nights.

​Tips and Tricks to use Camping Mattresses

  • ​Try to find a sleeping pad with a textured bottom to keep it from slipping every time you throw & submit sleep.
  • Always take a Repair Kit, Specially when you are using an Air Conditioning or Self-inflating Pad. In the event of even perhaps a tear or a tear, it can be fixed by you on the area.
  • Consistently clear your sleeping mat after each camping trip. Wipe the face with a damp cloth. Use mild soap and warm water. Do not put in or around air ducts. Allow it to dry before packaging it up in the air.
  • When storing, roll it up loosely and keep it away from direct sunlight.
  • Many atmosphere mattresses tend toward deflating. As it can cause leaks or rips, Therefore in order to avoid this, do not over-inflate your bed.
  • When employing a air mat for your first time, only inflate this up to 90%. Maintain it inflated for about 3-4 hrs and then deflate it. Continue this procedure. You can now inflate the mat to your desired firmness, after looking forward to another 3 hours. Exactly what does this tip do? This will ensure the material becomes used to this expansion and also support your weight.


​Your adventuresome demand determination and strength. However, that does not mean that you have to compromise comfortable and cozy fantastic night's sleep.

Today you will find camping air beds that excel in providing relaxation to campers like home. As long as you are clear on the kind of camping you'll undertake, you are going to have no problems in choosing your best camping mattress.

A mattress that is cozy will provide the ideal sleeping experience, which means you'll awaken all refreshed to the next day's plan. Not think that a small amount of extra expense would be worth it?

We'd recommend one choose the camping mattress that is finest by considering most its features and to go through the purchasing guide. Using all of the information provided above, you're going to be able to make an informed decision.

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