Best Camping Tents

Need to go camping this season but you are on a budget? Want to enjoy your camping adventure with your family, kids, friends and not alone? Need to find the best Camping Tents?

Your search ends here because we have got you covered and have found the top 5 best 4 person tents under $200 that you can buy without any hesitation.
While comparing their capacity, environmentally friendly design, weather protection, rain/waterproof fabric, easy to set structure, sturdy and strong base and wind resistant poles and structure are a few things that we have focused in order to give you a better idea, which of these would be perfect for your camping adventure.

​Mostly you can easily find and compare basic ridge tents, dome tent, tunnel tents, inflatable tents and Geodesic, and semi-geodesic tents.

​Which type of tents is good for windy areas?

​Tents with a dome shape design and sturdy poles that penetrate ground with strong grip are the ones which are best used in areas where the winds are stronger than average.

​​​Which of the materials are best when comparing the fabric of a camping tent?

​Mostly, you can find the tents which are made up of cotton, or polyester. It is better to find a thick polyester fabric tent that is waterproof and can give lasting performance under severe weather conditions.

​What are a tent and a tent fly?

​A tent is rather enclosed and tent fly is a standalone tent layer without walls. Some tents come up with a tent fly to protect the tent area against wind and rain.

​Reviews of the 5 Best 4 Person Tent Under $200

​​1. ​​ALPS Mountaineering Taurus Tent

ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 4-Person Tent

ALPS Taurus 4-person tent is a spacious, sturdy, and durable camping tent ideal for campers looking for a top quality tent with affordable price. It comes with a waterproof coating and durable fabric that is resistant to harsh weather conditions.

The material construction is a 75D polyester material that remains strong for many years. The 2000 mm floor coating with poly taffeta fabric makes it resistant to water. This tent also has a 1500 mm coating, making it UV resistant and water resistant.

With the freestanding feature, you are able to set up the tent on different surfaces. It is easy to set up and stands solidly on the ground.

Some camping tents are so light that any force of wind may affect it. But even though this camping tent is lightweight, it is solid on the ground, making it resistant to heavy wind. This is because of the 4 solid 11mm poles it comes with.

Whether you are camping during the rainy or dry season, this camping tent will be a great investment for you.

​2. ​​Coleman Carlsbad Tent ​

Coleman Carlsbad 4-Person Dome Tent with Screen Room

​Coleman is arguably the industry leading camping tent brand in the market right now. The brand is synonymous with quality. And this Carlsbad tent is not an exception.

It is well designed to provide protection and enough ventilation to campers. Moreover, this camping tent is one of the most affordable among its peers.

It provides darkroom technology, which is the perfect tent for UV protection. This is the ​best camping tent to have if you are camping during the summer. It allows you to enjoy the cool atmosphere while protecting you from the harsh impact of the scorching sun.

It is designed with poly guard fabric. It also comes with rainfly to minimize the level of heat that penetrates through the tent.

Coleman Carlsbad is also very easy to install. Another important feature you will love about this tent is the e-port feature. This makes it possible to easily use electricity while camping.

Overall, Coleman Carlsbad is the right camping tent for those looking for an affordable option that is durable and resistant to harsh weather conditions.

​​3. ​​Slumberjack Tent

Slumberjack 4 Person Trail Tent

​Slumberjack is another high-quality camping tent that is very affordable. It is one of the most durable tents you can have, as many campers have admitted.

This is because of its durable denier polyester design. Both the floor and rain fly are coated with thick polyester materials that make it water resistant.

This tent weighs about 11 lbs, making it one of the lightest camping tents you can have for the money. Despite its lightweight, the poles make the tent stable on the ground.

During windy times, you don’t need to worry about its stability on the ground. It solidly plants on the ground and stays strong during windy periods.

The 750D polyester and strong seams assure sturdier camp for all. The fiberglass poles make it a little heavier than some tents that come with aluminum poles. But most campers are no complaints about the fiberglass pole.

The main issue is to be stable on the ground and easy to install. And that’s where slumberjack comes out the top.

​4. ​​CORE Equipment Tent

CORE Equipment 4 Person Instant Dome Tent - 9' x 7', Green

​Core instant dome tent is a backpacking tent that is lightweight and very affordable. It is the ideal tent to have when you looking to make a simple trip to your camping destination.

This tent comes with a carry bag, tent stakes, and rain fly to keep you protected from rain. It is ideal for use during the summer or during the rainy season.

With 100% polyester material, you will enjoy the services of this camping tent for a very long time. The material keeps it resistant to rain and the scorching effect of the sun.

Setting up this tent is also very easy. It takes a few minutes to stand the poles and set up the rain fly. Moreover, the pole comes pre-assembled with setup kits. This makes it even easier to assemble and setup.

The adjustable ground vent and Core H20 block technology prevent water from penetrating into the tent during rainy periods. Overall, this camping tent is very simple to set up and keeps you comfortable throughout your camping expenditure.

​​5. ​​Coleman Pop-Up Tent

Coleman 4-Person Pop-Up Tent

​If you are looking for a durable, comfortable, and affordable camping tent, they don’t come better than the Coleman Pop-up tent. Just like other Coleman models, this tent is designed with quality in mind.

The multi-position rain fly provides the right balance between ventilation and protection. You will also love the fact that the tent comes pre-assembled.

A newbie camper will not have any issues setting this camping tent. It doesn’t take more than 15 minutes to completely set up the tent. And packing it up is pretty simple as well.

Coleman Pop-up tent comes with waterproof floors. During rainy hours, you don’t need to worry about water penetration because it completely seals off any needle holes.

This tent is designed with a wind-strong frame that keeps the tent stable under windy conditions. It doesn’t waver or move on the impact of strong wind.

Another feature that makes it resistant to strong wind is the inverted seams design. It resists harsh weather by making sure needle holes are hidden in the tent.

​How do you take good care for your camping tent?

​To make sure you camping tents stay in good condition, you must keep it clean and dry. Before packing it up to make sure it is dust free and dry, clean the poles with a soft clean cloth and make sure you keep all parts in one bag with enclosed sides.

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​Camping is an exciting adventure and going on camping with family members or friends is even more fun. So here you can find a suitable tent for keeping you and your fellow campers safe from extreme weather without breaking your budget.

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