Top 5 Best Case Trimmers On The Market In 2019 Review


Having The best case trimmers will be able to assist you to save a great deal of money by preventing you away from buying fresh ammunitions specially in the event that you like shooting at the scope on a regular basis.

By choosing up a lot of empty shells scattered On the scope and trimming them up to organize them to the next re-loading, which will in fact save you a bit of purchase specially if you also have a secondhand media kit.

Why the need for the best case trimmers is actually a practical concept.

Bullet Shells normally have elongated, dented or roughened on the mouth due to the burst that happens in a casing when a bullet has been fired. With these, conditioning and trimming the cartridges would cause them to become enjoy fresh new.

The Fantastic news is that the new generation case Trimmers are totally flexible and can trim any standard shells down to smoothing and de-burring them.

There Are too many available instance trimmers in the market and their manufacturers might consistently reevaluate their own advantages. But, among these just few can likely satisfy your requirements.

So exactly what are the standards to know which ones deserve the attention?

Assess that which we've accumulated from the pros.

Top 5 Best Case Trimmers That Are Worth Having

1. Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Case Trim and Prep System

Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Case Trim and Prep System

So Much, this can be on the list of best case trimmers as it may do a lot of things. It can cut and chamfer various kinds of capsules from .17 Remington into .460 Weatherby. Powered by electricity, it does not need changing shell holders so trimming and chamfering really can move easy.

Made of aluminum and steel which guarantees long lasting use, Its own ultra-hard HSS cutters can also be super durable they will stay sharp with thousands of trimming rounds. More over, the highlight of the Frankford Arsenal is its complete arsenal that means whatever you need is connected to the system -- trimmer, chamfer, deburrer along with different extra tools.


  • A part of kit: Deburr tool, chamfer tool, 6 different-sized instance shoulder bushings, 3 diferent sized case human body collets and two different sized primer pocket cleaners.
  • Its flexible collet system will accommodate to most cases using shoulder.
  • With indicators examples on the shoulder for more précised and rapid trimming.
  • No need for casing holders however trimming and chamfering remain easy.
  • With 3 output shafts that can be adaptable to different case trimming accessories.
  • Equipped with an ultra-hard HSS cutters that stay sharp for long moment.
  • Tough and ruggedly made.
  • Using built in storage container for collets and bushings.
  • Quiet motor.
  • 12 Months limited guarantee


  • Cutter, based to a few reviews might be more prone to wobbling. 

2. Lyman Universal Trimmer with 9 Pilot Multi-Pack Trims .17 Cal to .458 Cal

Lyman Universal Trimmer with 9 Pilot Multi-Pack Trims .17 Cal to .458 Cal

If You wish to check into the very best case trimmers but only need the fundamental ones, this tool should be one of your priorities. This trimmer may trim up any case to .458 standard. It's standard shell holders and lots of pilots which are all of the correct gear in trimming cases of rifles and pistols of different calibers. With rough and fine adjustment, you may also readily dial and select the distance of your trimming needs.

Being A universal manual trimmer that you are able to be in a position to use this tool only and quickly once the trimming length of one's case has been set. And to make work faster, you're able to hook its rotating shaft to some standard electric hand drill and go faster with your own trimming. Pros on this specific tool say that they could cut over 250 cases in about an hour just how's that for a basic case trimmer?


  • With Innovative Lyman Universal Chuckhead system to lets it cut quality from .17 up to .458.
  • No Demand for collets.
  • Included are 9 pilots loaded righton the trimmer's base
  • With optional power adapter (not included).
  • Effortless to use, flexible, repeatable and with coarse and fine adjustments.
  • Weighs only 2.2 pounds.


  • Thus perhaps not necessarily in keeping with its trimming job.

3. Lyman Universal Case Trimmer with Carbide Cutter and 9 Pilot Multi-Pack

Lyman Universal Case Trimmer with Carbide Cutter and 9 Pilot Multi-Pack

When In regards to cutting alloy, there's nothing that could be at a carbide cutter. This universal case trimmer even deserves to be among the best case trimmers because it is built with a carbide cutter head with ultra-sharp innovative plus nice grain construction. This headset can last longer than ordinary metal which is why even you also do volume cutting reload, this remains reliable.

And with a patented universal Chuckhead this trimmer can handle cases from .17 grade to .458 grade while it requires no collets. Also contained are 9 popular pilots. If you want a basic but trustworthy case trimmer which will not get dull for years, this one can suit your preference.


  • Built with a premium carbide cutter for resilient cutting with volume searing.
  • Doesn't require collets.
  • With patented Univesal Chuckhead to empower cutting from .17 into .458 calibers.
  • Contains 9 many popular collets.
  • Will utilize 300 AAC Black-out brass.
  • Compatible with a manually controlled engine like a power hand drill.
  • Basic manual contained.


  • Does not include things like a chamfer and deburrer.

4. Hornady 50140 Camlock Case Trimmer

Hornady 50140 Camlock Case Trimmer

The Hornady is also referred to as one of the very best case trimmers as it uses shell holders economically for more precise cutting edge. In addition, it has got the most popular size pilots and can be taller and have significantly more improved handle than its previous version. With flexible micro-adjustable cutting thoughts, its pilots can suit different standard shells such as .22 grade, 6mm, 7mm, 270 caliber, .30 quality, .45 caliber and .38 grade cases.

This Trimmer has a very handsome style and consistently produces consistent instance spans. Highly portable and very basic, a manual functioning won't give you those screeching sound throughout trimming so you may even go on it inside your home and work during the night.


  • Includes pilots such as .22, 6mm, 7mm, 270, .30, .45 along with .38 standard instances.
  • Consistently accurate and very consistent in producing instance lengths.
  • Will continue to utilize any standard Hornady shell holders and pilots.
  • With improved features such as a taller frame and redesigned handle to prevent wrist injury.
  • Featured with cam-lack case trimmer and a product manual.


  • Will work just with Hornady tools and accessories.

5. Lyman Power Adapter For Lyman Trimmers

Lyman Power Adapter For Lyman Trimmers

The Lyman Power Adapter as many owners say must also belong one of the ideal case trimmers which are on affordable cost amount. It can trim up 250 occasions per hour once you join your drill to it while it is really easy to use even with manual trimming.

The adapter rotating shaft can also be featured With its own cutter with stop collars so converting from hand performance to power operation can be quick. But this power adapter could just match together using the Lyman Universal Trimmer.


  • Effortless to install and comes with installation accessories.
  • Very economical to use, simple to handle and exactly fit volume reloaders' requirements.
  • Can be quickly converted from manual universal trimmer into a power trimmer.
  • Readily toaster trimmer shaft together with power jack drill and shaft for volume peeled.
  • Find a way to trim 250 occasions a hour once you begin with the drill.


  • Hand crank has to be redesigned to avoid slipping during manual surgery.
  • Manual cranking can set the rotating shaft in awkward posture. 

Criteria to Pick the Best Case Trimmers

Case Trimmers

Simple to Use

Simplicity In an case trimmer means it should perhaps not be overly complicated to use and doesn't need one to achieve this many alterations before trimming has started. In setting them up, the ideal case trimmers needs to be easily clamped on the work table for more stable and faster trimming jobs. For the mobile trimmers that you wish to bring on the shooting selection, all these should be light with very basic but durable components.

Design and Additional Features

Always Search for trimmer using simple design for easier usage. If you go for an electric-powered instance trimmer which is bigger, it will have many useful tools such as an adjustable trimmer, a deburrer and a smoother all in 1 machine slice. Check the included accessories and these should be coordinated right on the device's holder.

Versatile Shell Holder

Always Search to get trimmers with pumps that are flexible. The casing holder would be the one which holds the shell throughout trimming a trimmer with an adjustable shell holder or with available shell holder sizes can be able to hold capsules of different calibers.


Although Some situation trimmer owners aren't always keen in having trimmers equipped with polishers, these tools also offer you additional advantages. Polishers can actually lengthen the life of your cartridges by removing stuck debris up at the mouth of the capsule down to its internal space. With a fully washed out shell, and also this contributes to the accuracy of this bullet.

For People Who wanted to possess the best case Trimmers, the next are what we have unearthed that can definitely worth your money. These are actually the best sellers among the very popular ones and also of course with increased number of positive reviews.


I Genuinely want to try these case trimmers because they promise alot predicated from the reviews we've got. And with their reliability, it's no wonder they consistently make it on the list of very best instance trimmers which are to the inexpensive side. But in regards for superior mileage, then I am sure I wish to have the Lyman Universal Case Trimmer with Carbide cutter better.

The reasons? Well, carbide means it can go a very long way with its cutting edge trip and can ensure long lasting, sharp cutting work. And since it can cut back examples of various calibers while it doesn't require collets to do the task, which satisfies my needs today.

I already have a drill and Few searching firearms but as I have found out concerning these best instance trimmers, I think I need to consider gathering my own empty shells from today on and trimming them. Then maybe look at buying my own secondhand press kit.

All these Trimmers consistently stay on the bestsellers' list better check them out In the event that you'll be looking for trimmers that would be worth your buy.

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