Best Trail Camera For The Money Reviews 2019

​A trail camera is a remote camera that uses a light beam trigger, and it is equipped with an infrared or a motion sensor. It captures animals on a film during ecological research or hunting. This article describes the different types of trail cameras, how to use them and their price range.

Types of Trail Cameras

​Ancient trail camera models used single shot trigger and a traditional film which had to be collected and processed. Modern models use digital photography, and they can directly send photos to a computer.

Some have been programmed to take several pictures after one trigger. However, some cameras are non-triggered, and the either take pictures continuously or at intervals.

Cameras can be triggered by animal movements or by infrared beams. Those with large batteries have long power durability. They have a waterproof casing that protects them from being damaged, and they hide them from animals.

The housing also reduces noise production as loud noise disturbs and scares away wild animals. You can also use their sound recording feature to record animal sounds and note when they are most active.

Effect of Weather on Trail Cameras

High humidity negatively affects these cameras, and it could lead to malfunctions. If they are not promptly repaired, a lot of hunting time could be lost. An ideal period to use them is when there are moderate temperatures and low humidity.

On the other hand, animals might topple a trail camera or splatter it with water as they walk hence damaging its lens. In some instances, animals take pictures of their own, and they snap them. People living nearby can also be photographed as they use the hunting trails.

How to Use a Trail Camera

How to Use a Trail Camera

​Follow these steps when using a trail camera in a hunting expedition.

  • ​Use the camera's strap: You can hang the camera on a tree by locking its strap to prevent it from being stolen. Trail cameras are weatherproof and rugged. They are specially designed for outdoor use. Take several pictures with each indicating the time and date it was taken.
  • Take images of game animals with the camera: The cameras are sold to hunters to record animals such as bear, moose, and deer which have been on a game trail. You can use motion-activated unmanned cameras to locate animals and select an ideal hunting spot based on the images that they produce. Such images can either be recorded as a video or as still photos.                                                                           
  • Place a tree stand or a ground blind: Use the information gathered to put a stand in places with limited viewing and where people can't live in such as thickets.
  • Take electronic images at chosen angles and from several cameras: Take several photos of the same selected spot. You will be able to choose the best photo from the collection.
  • Select digital or film cameras: Develop either digital pictures or a 35mm film. The camera's laser aim focuses at a spot to take images from by using a light beam. A strobe flash that can reach 15feet should be used for nighttime photography.
  • Take stealth night time pictures: You can use infrared, or the camera's strobes flash to get the images. Some cameras can send game calls for more than ten meters to attract animals. The sound intervals are adjustable, and they can range from 2-23 hours.
  • Decide on how to setup the trail camera: One can set the camera to take new photos after 30 seconds as long as triggers are present. There could be choice settings for either stealthy infrared flash or regular flash. The infrared flash enables one to take images at night, and it doesn't reveal the camera's position to animals when scouting. Other cameras are installed with a manual switch to activate an infrared image filter in night or day mode.
  • Set up the camera: You can choose to use the strobe or infrared flash. A strobe flash and infrared flash have the following advantages and disadvantages.
  • Strobe advantages
  • ​​It produces a long flash that could reach up to 60 feet.
  • ​High-quality night and day images are created. They help in identifying different types of animals.
  • ​An animal's movement freezes and night time motion vagueness is eliminated.
  • Strobe disadvantages
  • ​The flash might scare animals, and it might be spotted by rival hunters.
  • ​It is not possible to record videos at night.
  • ​Power is supplied for a short duration.
  • Infrared advantages
  • ​The flash doesn't scare animals as there is no visible light.
  • ​Hunters in nearby areas can't spot the camera.
  • ​It has a long battery life.
  • Infrared disadvantages
  • ​The flash produces white and black night images that are blurred.
  • ​If the flash is set to its maximum range, it produces blurred images hence functioning within a short flash range.
  • ​If it the image quality setting is increased, the flash range reduces.

5 ​​Best ​Trail ​Camera ​For ​The ​Money

​​1. ​​Stealth Cam 7 Megapixel Scouting Camera

Stealth Cam 7 Megapixel Compact Scouting Camera with Batteries and SD Card, Camouflage

Stealth camera is suitable for game hunting as it has camouflage, an SD Card and several batteries. It can record videos after every 15 seconds, and many customers have given it positive reviews.

Upon placing an order, the camera is shipped to you within two days and without any extra charges.


  • ​It has a 7-Megapixel lens which creates high-quality images.
  • The camera's flash range as long as it can reach 60 feet.
  • It uses the EZ Dial programming system.
  • Stealth cameras use a burst fire mode of 1-6 images per trigger. It has a recovery time out of 1-59 minutes.
  • It is affordable as it is sold at an average price.


  • ​You should follow the manual when using it.

​​​2. ​​Moultrie Game Spy M-880 Gen 2 Camera

Moultrie Game Spy M-880 Gen 2 8.0 MP Camera

​The camera uses an infrared flash hence making it appropriate for night time hunting. It is camouflaged. Hence it can't be easily noticed by animals.


  • ​It has an 8Mp resolution.
  • Moultrie has a high trigger speed of less than 1 second.
  • It has an extended flash range of 100 feet and a detection range of up to 50 feet.


  • ​It produces blurred images if its flash range is set to maximum.
  • It can't be used during the day.

​​​​3. ​Moultrie A-Series Game Camera

Moultrie A-25 Game Camera

​This is an all purpose scouting camera that uses 8 AA batteries, and it can capture up to 16000 images. It has a sturdy case that makes it retain its efficiency during harsh weather.


  • ​The camera uses the 850nm infrared technology, and it has 24 LEDs.
  • It has a maximum flash range of 70 feet.
  • There are two resolution settings; a high (4608*2592) and a low (1920*1080) with a
  • high definition of 15sec videos. These help in managing image storage and quality.
  • The lithium batteries have a long durability.
  • It can handle 32GB SD Cards, and it uses four SDHC/SD cards at a time.
  • The sturdy body case of a weatherproof plastic has a 72-inch mounting strap and a
  • 0.25 inch-20 threads at its bottom.
  • You can use it when hunting in both daytime and nighttime.
  • Upon placing an order, the camera is shipped within two days.


  • ​It is complicated to use.

​​​​​4. ​Moultrie A-20 Mini Game Camera

Moultrie A-20 Mini Game Camera by Moultrie

​The camera uses the infrared flash mode, and it is sold at $68.


  • ​It uses a 12Mp resolution.
  • The trigger speed is less than 1sec.
  • It has a flash range of 50 feet.
  • The 850nm long range infrared flash technology is used.
  • It produces soundless 480px videos.


  • ​It produces blurred images when its flash range is extended.

​​​​​​5. ​Stealth Cam Megapixel Digital Camera

Stealth Cam P12 6 Megapixel Digital Scouting Camera, Tree Bark

​It is an affordable camera which is sold at less than $80.Stealth camera produces images which have a date, moon and time phase stamp.


  • ​The camera uses a 6Mp lens which can record 15sec videos.
  • It uses 12 infrared emitters with a 50 feet flash range and the EZ Dial programming technology which has a quick set.
  • Stealth Cam has a burst mode of up to six images per triggering, and they feature a 1-59min recovery time.
  • It has a 3-D camo housing that has a test mode, low battery indicator, and an external LCD.


  • ​It needs tender care.

5 Best Trail Cameras under $100

​​​​​​​1. ​Crenova Game and Trail 12Mp Camera

Crenova 2018 Upgraded Trail Camera 12MP 1080P HD Wildlife Camera

​The camera is sold at $86 and it is shipped for free within 2days.It has a 2.4 inch LCD screen and a 120-degree infrared vision.


  • ​Crenova forms quality HD videos and images that have sound.
  • It has a 1-second trigger speed.
  • The camera customizes clients' needs as it supports intervals, multiple shots, and time lapse.
  • One can easily set it to work at their convenient time.
  • Customers are given a 1-year warranty upon purchasing it.


  • ​It doesn't produce clear daytime images.

​​​​​​​​2. ​Browning Strike Force Sub Micro 10Mp Game Camera

Browning Strike Force Sub Micro 10MP Game Camera

​It is a high-quality scouting camera that is affordable to many clients.


  • ​Browning camera has a super fast 0.67sec trigger speed.
  • It can record 5sec-2min HD videos that have sound.
  • The 6AA batteries used have a long life span.
  • It has a maximum flash range of 100 feet.


  • ​It might be costly to some people.

​​​​​​​​​3. ​Stealth Cam G42 No-Glo Trail Camera

Stealth Cam G42NG No Glo Trail and Wildlife Camera. Day or night proven reliability. Designed and Engineered in the USA

​This is a high-quality camera that is sold at less than $90.


  • ​The 1sec trigger enhances low light performance making it ideal for night time hunting.
  • it has 42 black infrared emitters with a 100 feet flash range.
  • The camera uses a 5sec reflex trigger and an intuitive backlit programming system.
  • Manual shots can be taken as there is a secure password protection mechanism.
  • The burst mode can produce up to nine images per triggering.

​ Cons

  • ​The manual guide should adhere.

​​​​​​​​​​4. ​Bushnell Aggressor Red-glow Cam HD 12Mp Trail Camera

Bushnell 14MP Trophy Cam HD Aggressor Low Glow Trail Camera, Brown

​The camera uses a 12, 8 or 3Mp resolution lens and it is sold at an average price. Upon placing an order, it is delivered to clients within two days without extra charges.


  • ​Each trigger produces adjustable images.
  • It can take 720px videos.
  • The camera has a high trigger speed of 0.3sec.
  • It has a maximum infrared flash range of 80 feet.


  • ​It might be challenging for one to use it.

​​​​​​​​​​​5. ​Reconyx SC950 HyperFire Security Camera

Reconyx SC950 HyperFire Covert Security Camera

​The camera is sold at less than $95.


  • ​The camera produces colored images at daytime and monochrome images at night.
  • It's extended battery life enables it to capture 40000 images.
  • The dual schedule mode allows it to function consistently as it overwrites old pictures.


  • ​It is hard to use.

Best Trail Cameras under $150

1-Moultrie A-30 Camera

Moultrie A-30i (2017) Game Camera | All Purpose Series | 0.7s Trigger Speed | Moultrie Mobile Compatible

​The camera has a 0.7sec speed trigger, and it uses a 12Mp sensor. It has a slim case that lacks a subtle cameo.


  • ​It forms clear night images in a 24LED array.
  • The camera can record 15sec HD videos.
  • It uses 8AA batteries that ensure constant power supply.


  • ​It has an average flash range.

​2-Stealth Cam G30 Camera

Stealth Cam G30 Stealth IR STC-G30 Game Camera with 16GB SD Card

​The camera has a high-quality performance, and it is sold at $100.


  • ​It creates stable daytime images and clear night pictures.
  • The camera uses 30 infrared glow emitters and eight lithium-ion batteries that supply power.
  • It has a long detection range of up to 80 feet.


  • ​It needs to be handled with care.

3-​Skypoint Solar 12Mp Camera

SPYPOINT SOLAR 12MP Trail Camera, Built-in Battery

​It is among the few trail cameras with an inbuilt solar charger which makes it efficient in scouting.


  • ​The 6AA batteries last for long.
  • It has a 0.07-second trigger that produces 12Mp beautiful images. Both day and night images are visible.


  • ​The solar panel could be damaged by falling twigs and branches.

​4-​Cuddleback Long-Range 20Mp Camera

Cuddeback 20MP Long Range IR Infrared Trail Game Hunting Camera with Mounting Bracket and Strap

​The camera uses a 20Mp infrared lens which produces clear night images. It has external screws and a plastic casing which protects it against harsh weather.


  • ​It is efficient even with the harsh weather.
  • The camera produces high-resolution images.
  • It has a detection range of up to 65 feet.


  • ​It needs to be maintained well.

​Final verdict

​When planning to embark on a hunting expedition, it is advisable that you choose the best trail camera.

It will help in shortening the amount of time you take before spotting a herd of animals. There are a variety of cameras that one can choose from with each having different prices.

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