Okuma Citrix CI Baitcasting Reel

Okuma Citrix CI Baitcasting Reel

​As an angler, you come across different types of reels, and when you know the right one for you, it is easy to narrow down to the best one that will do the job. Bait casting reels are supposed to be the best tools for the pros. They can be a little complicated but that is where they get their power and functionality.

The Okuma Citrix CI-273a baitcasting reel is a superb tool for any veteran angler keen to catch all the big fish types like bass and salmon. The reel perfects an angler’s effort and as the saying goes, “the best reel is the one that meets the fisherman halfway”.

However, Okuma Citrix baitcasting reel actually offers more advantages like a more precise lure placement than the competition. Key features of this reel are its 7.3:1 gear, the anodized aluminum frame, the graphite side plates, a roller bearing and seven ball bearings, an externally adjusted centrifugal cast control system. There is also a micro-click drag star and zirconium line guide inserts. The reel holds up to 130 yards of a 12-pound line.

  • Okuma Citrix Low Profile Baitcasting Reel
  • Model Name: Okuma Citrix
  • Dealer’s Official Website: Okuma Citrix
  • Description: Okuma Citrix CI Baitcasting Reel Review
  • A6061-T6 machined aluminum, anodized spool
  • Quick-Set anti-reverse roller bearing
  • Graphite left and right side plates
  • Weight: 8.4 ounces
  • Max Drag: 11 lbs
  • Bearings: 9BB+1RB bearing drive system
  • Gear Ratio: 7.3:1 gear ratio
  • Where To Buy Okuma Citrix CI Baitcasting Reel: The Okuma Citrix CI Baitcasting Reel is available and you can order this here – Click Here To Buy the Okuma Citrix CI Baitcasting Reel

Okuma Citrix CI Baitcasting Reel Design Pros

Okuma Fishing Tackle Citrix Ci-273LXa Lightweight Low Profile Baitcast Reel
  1. ​​An Internal breaking system: Okuma Citrix model has a acute design that gives the outside a clean look while keeping the profile smaller.​
  2. very rigid constructed gear lining : The Okuma Citrix CI baitcast reel has a rigid gear lining that will help improve free spore through its eight (8) stainless steel ball bearing system.​
  3. External adjustable cast system : The Okuma citrix CI reel casting system is based on an external casting centrifugal system which is a set up of several brakes waves enabling most anglers to adjust the cast system from outside incase of climatical change example a wind pick up.​
  4. Drop down gear box: The citrix CI reel was made with you in mind housing a machine cast main gear and pinning gear which have a blazing retrieve speed with an option of lowering bait speeds for anglers who want to use spinner baits.​
  5. Extended power handle: The Okuma Citrix CI baitcast reel also caters for in show subtle water application with an extended power handle that gives more throw and a consequent more pulling power​
  6. Oversized hand lobs : An efficient grip system .
  7. Precise drag settings: It is equipped with multi click drag.
  8. It is used by professionals all around the globe.
  9. Its tested for quality and reliabilityt.

Okuma Citrix CI Baitcasting Reel Details and Features

  • Strength

​Is the summary of features shows, this reel is capable of pulling so much more than conventional fishing tasks. It will comfortably hold the weight of the biggest catch. A thing that makes it exceptional is the heavy line, which is actually the reason why it can comfortably be used for catching big fish like salmon. When going fishing, there is no need to take it slow because you are afraid of your line snapping. This reel has you covered on that front.

  • Perfected design

​With thousands of different reels to choose from in the market, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by choice. Buying becomes difficult when you are perplexed by similar designs and do not know what to look from when differentiating a 500 dollar reel and a 1000 dollar reel. You may even wonder what it is that manufacturer put in their reels to warrant such high prices, or what is missing from those that claim a very low price.

The bait caster type is for pro anglers. It is for someone looking for the right match of build and strength. Actually, that is just half the story, you also need to enjoy the fishing experience, and that is why in addition to functionality, you have to look for design. By sitting above the rod, the baitcaster from Okuma serves everyone who uses the thumb for controlling spool and placing the lure.

  • Easy learning

​Many shun away from bait casting reels because of the associated steep learning curve. With the Okuma Citrix CI baitcasting reel, the learning curve is less steep and this makes the transition from amateur to pro easy. You will still have to go through several fishing expeditions and probably work with a veteran, but you will love learning as the reel is always responsive to thumb gestures, as you expect it to. This is an important point especially when you are picking a baitcasting reel for someone else and you want him or her to be using it for long.

  • Ideal for minimalists

​For a seasoned bass or salmon angler, it feels like the same thing to focus on the job and be prepared for eventualities. There is often no need to have many lures with you, except the ones that work. There is also no need to have many reels with you, except for the ones that work really well.

The 5.4:1 gear system in the reel makes it worthwhile choice. The gear allows lines to calm and the lure to adjust without agitation. The slowed presentation is what pro anglers are looking for and that is what these reel offers. The eight steel ball bearings ease movement of line and gears. Steel is a good material that can withstand pressure and does not undergo abrasion easily.

  • It is about the fish

​When you go fishing and get nothing you will feel like a failure. If you go again and come back with a big bass, you are in for a celebration. A tool that allows you to present as calmly as possible your lure to the target fish, and one that has the required strength to cope with any mass you put at it is already perfect. When you add the easy controls with your thumb, you begin to get perfection. These three features must be the biggest selling points for the Okuma Citrix CI baitcasting reel because they take away worry about the equipment to let the angler care about the fishing itself.

  • Extendable functionality

You can use the reel in salty water, and it is good in deep or shallow water. You can have it by the bank or on a boat. It throws very well and those who have already used it note that the distance and feel is better than most of the competition. The extension is also on your pocket. The reel is affordable for everyday use.

 You can pick several for your needs and as gifts without breaking your bank account. You would be getting the best of both worlds when you combine the Okuma Citrix CI baitcasting reel with a matching Citrix rod. The aluminum construction is sturdy and bold and holds well its multi-disc dragging system. The low gear system 5.4:1 gives it brute strength while the aluminum material allows it to remain light and easy to handle.

An infinite anti reverse system ensures that once you have your catch, you are not going to let it go with a frustrated smirk because you reel snapped. You are sure of long hours of fighting because of the build quality, the use of a smooth rolling design and a functional machined design that fits many uses. The side plates are rugged and they work well to improve the job of the aluminum spool. If you are going to get a baitcasting reel, then get this one, and probably get more than one because you are going to wish you did when everyone else keeps borrowing your reel..

Okuma Citrix CI Baitcasting Reel Review Concerns


  • The Okuma Citrix CI Baitcast Reel1.Not very tweakable: The citrix CI is not very customizable baitcast reel compared to other high end reels.

  • The only other bad review I could find is that some people said it sounds like It grinds : The Citrix CI baitcast reel with clunking sounds like a blender though it has a good cast.


Its a Small and compact system very ideal and applicable in all fishing situations.Its simply has more features and is equipped for better perfomance... We hope you enjoyed our Okuma Citrix CI Baitcasting Reel Review!

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