Paddle Board Fishing – Planted Firm Anywhere On The Water!

Anyone who’s spent time recently down at the lake, bay, or marina knows about the growing popularity of paddle boards. Some folk just love to get out on top of the water and enjoy the atmosphere. Others take it step further. Those that grab rod, reel, and take their paddle board fishing get a truly unique experience.

Standing on top of the water looking directly down as it surrounds you gives a very different perspective than from that of a boat, or even kayak. The lack of any kind of sound gives it stealth, another factor added to your catching chances.

When you start looking at paddle boards, you’ll notice there’s a lot of models to choose from. If you plan on taking your paddle board fishing, you’ll surely want one that offers tie downs for your gear. You might want one that offers a bit more stability, since you will be casting and pulling on fish from it. Reading various online reviews of stand up paddle boards can offer a quick education about what’s out there.

Once you find the right paddle board to fish from, you’ll want to spend some time on it finding your legs. If you’re a surfer, disregard that last statement. If you’ll be using the board at a lake, launch from the docks or stay near the shore. For ocean settings that have waves, you may want to stick to the calmer waters inside the bay at first. Of course if you have a swimming pool, even better. Once you get accustomed to the feel of standing up on a paddle board, you’ll find they offer an incredibly stable platform to fish from.

The Main Advantages Of Paddle Board Fishing

​The blatant advantage of paddle board fishing is standing right on the water. Looking down and all around from this position, a fisherman can see into the water all around him. The view of activity in the water is truly second to none when you’re standing on top of a paddle board. Here’s a few other benefits a paddle board brings to fishermen.

  • Ease Of Access – It’s definitely easier to get your paddle board to different launch spots than it would be for a kayak or boat. It’s also easier to tie down on your car or truck.
  • Extra Drag – Much like a kayak, the paddle board is another weight larger fish must pull on. The paddle board is light enough to be pulled a bit with heavier fish, taking stress off your rod and reel drag.
  • Access On The Water – You can get into some real shallow areas on a paddle board, or take it out deep. You can get just about anywhere on the water you might like to go.
  • Physical Exercise – Paddle boarding will get your muscles working and your blood pumping. Especially if you hook a lunker!

A Couple Things To Watch Out For

Paddle board fishing can give some of the best sessions a fisherman ever has, but you should be aware of risks and dangers involved. Balance on a paddle board can be difficult at best on windy days when there’s a lot of swell. It takes a bit more balance to fish from a paddle board anyway, so you might want to considering another way to get your line wet on such days.

Paddle Boarders must be careful, especially if using one of the inflatable versions. It’s easy to damage or puncture the board in shallows or near rocks. Use leashes on all items and give yourself quick access to them by securing the other end to yourself.

Quick Gear Suggestions And Tips For Paddle Board Fishing

The idea here is to keep it light. You won’t have nearly the amount of storage space as you would on a boat or kayak. You could place rod holders on a paddle board, though securement and balance might be a challenge. A better way to do it would be to buy a cooler with rod holders, and strap it to the paddle board. Keep in mind possibility of flipping the board. Anything you might want to bring that’s not waterproof should be stored in sealed containers.

Bring just what you need. Keep it to one or two fishing setups. Make the cooler as small as possible. Tie everything to the kayak that you don’t want to lose, including yourself. Bring a net or stringer and keep any fish you catch fresh and in the water.

In Conclusion

​Remember that paddle board sessions don’t need to be real long. You can rest by kneeling or even laying down on the board. Dress accordingly in water resistant clothes, and be prepared for the sun. Taking some time as a beginner to get used to your paddle board will make your first few fishing attempts go much smoother. Have fun, enjoy yourself, be safe, and we’ll see you out on the water!

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