Sig Sauer P250 vs Sig Sauer P320 Comparison

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May 11, 2018

Sig Sauer is well-known to make top quality firearms, as evidenced by the army opting their pistol to restore the Beretta M9. We will talk more about this later.

For those who have done any research in to Sig Sauer pistols, deciding between a P250 and also a P320 can be very hard, thanks to just how similar they are.

Within this piece, we'll discuss the primary similarities and differences involving your P250 and the P320. After all, we'll create some buying recommendations, to make that decision easier for you personally.

Sig Sauer is pretty common from the firearms market, however only in case anyone is not familiar, we will give a brief introduction.

The company was originally started from the late 1850s at Europe. While they failed to start out earning weapons, they finally moved into guns, also made a gun which was adopted by the Korean Army in 1864.

The company continued to produce firearms to get the Swiss Army to get a century, and eventually expanded to include a couple different weapons manufacturing companies. In the mid-1980s, the organization was transferred to the United States, and has been rebranded as SIGARMS. Less than ten years later, SIGARMS transferred into New Hampshire, which is where they're still headquartered.

The name was changed into Sig Sauer in 2007, and also the brand has continued to grow. Overall, they represent extremely high quality in the firearms field, and it is a result of high production standards. They fit in with a global firearms group, and also are continuing to expand their own operations.

Sig P250

The Sig P250 has been around for over a decade today. It's a double action just (DAO) pistol system which employs an interior hammer. It was the very first modular pistol available on the market. Wondering what exactly we mean with modular pistol procedure?

Essentially, just a single part of this is serialized. This is among the primary draws with this particular weapon. The Fire Control Unit, or FCU, may be the 1 part the ATF is actually concerned with. Outside of that, it's very easy to swap parts out.

What this means for you is which you are able to obtain many barrels to shoot several calibers. You could also swap out the frame size which the FCU enter. This basically provides you with entry to multiple firearms while just needing to buy one. For those who are living in regions with strict gun legislation, this might be an enormous plus for you personally.

You could be able to get one weapon and something FCU, and then swap out barrels to take various calibers. You'd also have the ability to shed that FCU at a various modular frame size, which means you might utilize different-size firearms for diverse goals, such as hidden take.

Fundamentally, once you buy a P250, you're buying the trigger and firing group with all the data you can now shoot many diverse calibers in multiple frame sizes. In addition, it is not hard to get parts serviced or customized, since you are able to use regular air mail.

As mentioned before, the P250 is available in three different frame sizes. When you get a brand new framework size to place your FCU in, you'll also require unique springs, slides, and barrels.

The full-size version features a 4.7 inch diameter, steps 8.1 inches in overall length, and is 5.5 inches tall. It weighs at 29.5 oz.

The streamlined version, that will be popular, includes a 3.9 inch barrel, is 7.2 inches long, and 5.3 inches tall. It weighs 26.5 ounce.

The sub compact has a 3.6 inch socket, steps 6.7 inches long, and can be 4.7 inches tall. That one weighs 24.9 ounces. This variant is the only 1 which doesn't have a railroad system in front of the trigger group, due to the smaller size.

As you can see, these are pretty significant firearms. This is just a common complaint using Sig Sauer, as all is constructed from bulky stainless steel. Even the sub compact, that is assumed to be considered a carry weapon, is a pretty hefty pistol. Another frequent Sig complaint is that the firearms are not exactly sleek looking, as is the case with the P250.


If you saw a P 320 beside a P250, it'd be pretty hard to pick out the gaps. Essentially, the P320 is the Alternative to its P250. Externally, they are quite similar.

The first gap between the P 320 and the P250 may be the fact that the P 320 is striker fired, instead of hammer fired. But similar to the P250, the P320 is completely modular.

The P 320 has a much better trigger, that delivers just a little bit crisper shooting ability.

The three different frame sizes because of this weapon system are termed the specific same, and also their sizes are essentially indistinguishable. There are a few extremely slight gaps. The sub compact stays alone without a picatinny rail process.

Nevertheless, that the P320 introduces a few new models. As an instance, they introduced the transport frame, which is basically a smaller version of their compact frame. Additionally they provide the streamlined framework at a flat dark ground color.

The P320 additionally presents the x series, which feature different sights and also a horizontal trigger. One of them may be that the TACOPS variant, with a threaded barrel and taller sights to get a suppressor. The RX models have an important red-dot style sight.

For anyone that's unaware, the P320 is that the particular pistol that has been just acquired to replace the Beretta M9 from the United States Army. Being that it's going to be a service pistol, there is a certain amount of durability which should be expected.

Buying Recommendations

In all honesty, these pistols are so similar to a another that it really doesn't matter much which you pick.

However, due to the extra variations and enhanced activate, we offer a small edge to the P320. The trigger is only a little bit better, which should enhance your shooting.

If money is truly tight, so the P250 is going to be much less costly, thanks to the simple fact it's older. If it's possible to find a new one still, it's likely that it is often reduced a fantastic bit. There also needs to be lots of used models available on the industry too.


In the event that you weren't familiar with the Sig Sauer P250 and P320 before the article, I'm certain you've heard a good bit. The modularity of those pistols creates them great options for any type of shooter. Buying one pistol will provide you a huge selection of unique options for frame size and caliber.

It's worth noting that the extra hooks and frames can be significantly expensive. This is partly because of this fact that almost all of the components can only be purchased from Sig Sauer. However, it's still less expensive than buying whole new pistols, particularly considering that the affordable price at which those start.

The modularity could be the biggest ace of those weapons. Another ace is the enhanced cause of this P 320. In terms of cons, many individuals don't enjoy the way that they look, plus they are pretty heavy. However, like we've said, there's too much to like about such pistols. We absolutely suggest checking them out, specially to our own readers in areas where it's more difficult to have guns!

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