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​There might be times where you aren't going to drive your vehicle for awhile, and if that is the situation, then a battery may go dead.

By way of instance, if you get a classic car you never drive at winter, then the battery could expire by next spring if you do not keep it charged.

There's another care to do with cars that are going to set beside keeping the battery charged, but this is for a specific article.

Here we'll cover the options you have for keeping a battery charged and which you are better. Both options that'll likely soon be covered is a battery tender vs a trickle charger.

After reading that, you are going to learn the difference and which one you need to use.

Battery Tender

A battery tender

​A battery tender hooks to the battery such as a pair of jumper cables would. It is really just a box with several controls on it and some cables coming outside.

You hook the jumper cable such as wires to the battery and plug in the box to the wall. The battery tender subsequently converts the AC power from the wall into the kind of power your automobile battery needs.

The good thing is battery tenders are known as smart. Which means that they are programmed to be able to tell how much power is interior the battery.

After the battery does not meet a certain lowness, then your battery tender will not charge it. In the event the battery falls below the necessary point while the battery tender is still installed, then it begins to charge again.

That is nice as you don't need to be worried about over charging problems which we will talk about after.

​In case you would really want to purchase a battery tender, then this will be the best battery tender for car.

Trickle Charger

Trickle Charger

​A trickle charger is similar to a battery tender. Typically, they could look a lot alike. A trickle charger still plugs into the walls and extends the AC power into power usable by the battery.

Additionally, it hooks to the battery at exactly the identical manner with jumper cable for example wires. The drip charger still is perhaps not smart.

It always employs a little charge to battery. Which means that even once the battery is fully charged it'll still keep charging it.

A trickle charger applies its power to the battery at a slower speed than a battery tender. This usually means that it takes them more to find the battery fully charged.

This is often a good thing if you are simply quitting it in overnight, however perhaps not useful if you want to utilize it in order to keep a battery charged for protracted periods.

A drip charger though is cheaper compared to the battery tender, however, and a trickle charger has an excellent alternative use which we will chat about further.

​What Happens if Overcharge Car Battery?

​Why is it essential to not overcharge your car battery? Well, if a car battery gets over charged a lot of negative things may happen.

To begin with, a fire may occur. This is because when a battery becomes over charged, it will begin becoming hot and might burst. This is a intense thing but is still an opportunity, of course, if it happens, then you'll lose your vehicle, garage, and a lot of different activities.

Another thing that takes place to an automobile battery when it gets overcharged is it makes it not hold a fee as well. The battery gets dependent on being on a charger.

Which means the battery will probably die more frequently and you will need to restore it in the event you never want to deal with it must be charged all the time.

Last, even though the battery doesn't catch on fire, it can still crack or bust to the purpose it escapes chemicals over the surrounding parts if it has over charged.

These chemicals are extremely corrosive and would ruin whatever that they touch. Also, a battery that float needs to be substituted.

​Due to all these causes, it's a good idea not to over charge your battery. That is why for the very long term you want a smart battery charger.

Use of Trickle Charger

​There, however, is a superb area at which a trickle charger is useful, and that is for those who get a parasitic drain that you can't get .

A parasitic drain is if something is drawing power from the battery once it's off and causing it to perish. Finding electrical problems can be time-consuming for a car, but knowing you own one, subsequently you'll be able to work with a trickle charger nightly to maintain your car or truck charged from the daytime .

This is because it will release a slow charge to your battery, that should be enough to counter act the drain that is occurring about it. Like that you never have to worry about skipping your automobile every morning.

The next time where trickle chargers might appear in handy is when you've got an older battery. Since a battery gets old, it may start losing power with cold temperatures.

This means in the event that you reside within a place that gets cold and you locate your battery is dead or low a-lot the afternoon after having a cold night, it is being drained.

To prevent this, you should use a trickle charger on nights that you know it's going to soon be cold while your vehicle is parked at the garage.

Then you only need to unhook this at the morning, and you are prepared to go about your day without being forced to jump your car.


Trickle chargers and battery tenders both have their uses. Trickle chargers are beneficial to if you want to leave your vehicle installed or for brief periods, however since they do not track how charged, the battery is they could overcharge battery.

A battery tender, on the flip side, is smart and will not overcharge the batterylife. We have given the reason why overcharging is awful in your battery, which means that is the reason why battery tenders would be the way to go if you are getting to preserve the battery on the charger for a very long term.

Also, battery tenders charge faster, if you need a quick control, then they are the way to go too. Although you understand the distinction between a battery tender and trickle charger, so that you can determine what type is perfect for you and your needs.

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